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7 Homemade Eye Masks To Reduce Under Eye Puffiness

Under eye puffiness is a displeasing condition that greatly downplays facial attractiveness. Normally, people consider puffy eyes to be merely a sign of advancing age or insufficient sleep but in reality there are certain other conditions like dehydration, fluid retention, allergies, stress, sinus problems and thyroid malfunction that contribute to formation of those unappealing bags under the eyes. Therefore, it’s vital to remedy any underlying medical condition that is causing puffiness around the eyes before you begin any do-it-yourself procedure to soothe them.

To reduce the appearance of under eye bags, there are many ingredients widely available in your kitchens, that can be of great help in de-puffing your eyes when applied in mask form. Furthermore, it is advised to do a patch test of each ingredient you use in an eye mask to gather an idea about the ingredients you might be sensitive to. We have put together a list of seven DIY eye masks to reduce under eye puffiness.

7 Homemade Eye Masks To Reduce Under Eye Puffiness:

1. Green Tea And Aloe Vera Eye Mask:

You might have heard of putting used tea bags over eyes to reduce puffiness but this mask is a step further as we have employed freshly brewed green tea and mixed it with aloevera gel. Green tea contains tannins, anti-oxidants and caffeine which make it a great remedy for banishing puffiness around the eyes. Aloevera gel is rich in vitamin E and possesses anti-inflammatory abilities which help in minimizing eye puffiness by nourishing the eye area and releasing any stocked up fluid by improving blood circulation in the under eye region.

To make the mask steep half a teaspoon of green tea leaves in half a cup of hot water for two minutes. Strain the tea concoction and place it in the refrigerator. When it has cooled, mix it with a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Dip two cotton pads in the tea infusion, squeeze them slightly and place over the under eye region. Remove the pads after five minutes and rinse with cold water.

Green Tea And Aloe Vera Eye Mask

2. Coffee Grounds And Egg White Eye Mask:

Coffee not only helps in keeping you awake but is also helpful in waking up those groggy morning eyes. The high caffeine content of coffee deems it extremely beneficial in relieving swollen under eye area. The second ingredient we have used is an egg white. Egg white is packed with B vitamins which help with blood circulation and ease excess fluid stored in the under eye region.

Break an egg and carefully remove its yolk. You may use the yolk as a face mask later. Beat the egg white with two teaspoons of coffee grounds with a fork for a minute and apply it over the puffed up under eye region with a clean make up brush. Allow the mask to dry for eight to ten minutes and rinse.

Coffee Grounds And Egg White Eye Mask

3. Chamomile Tea And Parsley Eye Mask:

Chamomile tea is a well known natural anti ageing compound that is replete with beauty enhancing anti-oxidants. Owing to its calming and anti-inflammatory nature, it is a wonderful remedy for puffy eyes. The second ingredient, parsley also has certain compounds namely, vitamin K and chlorophyll which make it effective in ebbing away any puffiness around the eyes.

Make a paste of a bunch of fresh parsley leaves by grinding them and mix this paste with half a cup of chilled chamomile tea infusion. Soak two cotton pads in this blend and place them over the under eye area to relieve puffiness. Remove the pads after ten minutes and wash the eye area with cold water.

Chamomile Tea And Parsley Eye Mask

4. Rose Petals And Milk Eye Mask:

Rose water has been used since ages to reduce eye puffiness because of its cooling nature. Then, why not use fresh rose petals instead on your eyes to get rid of swollen eyes! This mask has rose petals and milk which again is very helpful in relieving under eye puffiness. Lauric acid and some essential skin vitamins that are found aplenty in milk make it an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.

To make the mask we’ll use rose petals and milk to make rose milk, the way we prepare rose water. Simmer a handful of fresh rose petals with half a cup of milk for a few minutes. Let the milk cool down a bit and then place it in the refrigerator for an hour. Dip two cotton pads in chilled rose milk and place them under your eyes. Carefully remove the pads after fifteen minutes and rinse.

Rose Petals And Milk Eye Mask

5. Cocoa Powder And Coconut Milk Eye Mask:

Cocoa powder is another caffeine rich compound that helps in alleviating under eye puffiness. It works by drawing out impurities and eases fluid retention when applied on swollen skin. Coconut milk is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants which help in nourishing the sensitive under eye area.

To make the mask, mix two teaspoons of unsweetened organic cocoa powder with a tablespoon of chilled coconut milk. Allow the powder to absorb the milk for five to ten minutes and then apply the paste under your eyes and leave on for ten minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Cocoa Powder And Coconut Milk Eye Mask

6. Activated Charcoal And Glycerin Eye Mask:

The growing popularity of activated charcoal as an ultimate skin purifier has rendered it as an indispensable ingredient in do-it-yourself beauty recipes. It effectively deals with inflamed skin by absorbing toxins accumulated on its surface. Vegetable glycerin is another natural compound with de-puffing capabilities.

It thickens the sensitive skin around the eyes by providing moisture and ebbs away puffiness around the eyes. Mix a teaspoon of activated charcoal powder with a teaspoon of pure vegetable glycerin and apply the paste under your eyes. Leave it on for five minutes and rinse away.

Activated Charcoal And Glycerin Eye Mask

7. Basil And Mint Leaves Eye Mask:

Basil is a glorious wonder herb with profound benefits for skin around the eyes. It has significant amounts of vitamin K which helps in soothing any swelling around the eyes. Mint is another herb that heals puffiness around the eyes by improving blood circulation in the under eye region. To make the mask crush six to eight basil leaves and four to five mint leaves together.

Apply this paste over under eye area and leave it on for five minutes. Mint leaves are known to cause a little tingling in the beginning which stops after a minute or so. In case the
tingling gets worse and does not subside then you must remove the mask right away.

Basil And Mint Leaves Eye Mask


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