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7 Homemade Packs For Reducing Blind Pimples And Getting Clear Skin

Blind pimples are deep rooted into the skin and are often quite painful. These are usually sensible to touch and difficult to get rid of. If you have been suffering from blind pimples lately, you can prepare a few of these homemade packs which can help in reducing the occurence of pimples. These homemade packs are excellent exfoliators and make the skin soft and healthy. These packs help in reducing damaged skin effect, help in reducing pimples and in achieving clear and flawless skin.

Here Are Homemade Packs For Reducing Blind Pimples and Getting Clear Skin:

1. Honey and Milk Pack

Honey is quite an effective pack for taking care of blind pimples and helps in reducing the risks of many skin problems. You need three tablespoons of pure honey and one tablespoon mix. Blend both the ingredients and apply the pack on your pimples. Let the pack remain on the pimples for at least ten minutes. You can massage gently so that the pack is absorbed into the skin. Remove the pack using a soft cotton ball. Apply this twice in a day. You will soon notice a difference in a short time.

Honey and Milk Pack

2. Epsom Salt Pack

Epsom salt is really effective in deep cleansing skin pores. It is quite effective in cleansing clogged pores and adds a natural softness. To prepare the pack, you need to dissolve one tablespoon salt in water. Add a few drops of lemon juice in the pack. Dip a cotton ball in this solution and apply the pack on your face. Let the liquid dry and then apply again. You can again apply the pack on your face and let it dry. You can then remove the pack with normal water. You can rinse your skin with normal water.

Epsom Salt Pack

3. Apple And Honey Pack

Apple and honey combine to form an effective skin pack, which helps in taking care of many skin problems, which includes rashes and blind pimples. Honey is known for its antibiotic properties and its ability in reducing skin inflammation. You need three tablespooons of mashed apple and two tablespoons of honey. Mix both the ingredients and apply the pack on the pimples. This pack is quite effective for those who suffer from regular blind pimples. It helps in achieving a soft and healthy skin.

Apple And Honey Pack

4. Aloe Vera Pack

It is always beneficial to have an aloe vera plant at home, especially when you have skin problems. Aloe vera gel and juice is quite useful in taking care of pimples, rashes, sun tan and skin roughness. It is simple to use aloe vera for the purpose of skin problems. You need to extract fresh aloe vera gel or juice from the plant. Apply this juice or gel on your skin and leave the pack on the specific area. Aloe vera is well absorbed into the skin and helps in removing impurities and infections in a short time. You can later wash off your face using warm water. Aloe vera pack can be used for all skin types.

aloe vera

5. Lemon Juice And Banana Pack

Banana is rich in a number of proteins and minerals, which helps in adding softess and brightness. Lemon juice helps in cleansing the skin and removes impurities. It helps in reducing problems of blind pimples and rashes. You need three tablespoons of mashed banana and add one teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix well. You can then apply the pack to your skin. Let the pack remain for thirty or forty minutes. You can then use a wet towel to remove the pack. You skin shall be naturally clean and soft. You will enjoy a natural softness and glow.

Lemon Juice and Banana Pack

6. Milk And Turmeric Pack

Milk is rich in skin improving proteins. It helps to soften rough skin, it helps in unclogging pores and helps in reducing skin peel-off problems. You need three tablespoons of cold milk. Add one pinch of turmeric juice in the milk. Turmeric is known for its antibiotic and ant inflammatory properties. It helps in healing skin rashes, removes tan and helps to soften the skin. You can soak a cotton ball in this turmeric milk and apply this on your face. Leave this pack for thirty minutes. You can use this pack twice in a day for best results.

Milk and Turmeric Pack

7. Baking Soda And Aloe Vera Pack

Baking soda is one of those amazing ingredients, which can solve a number of skin problems. It helps in cleansing clogged pores and reduces infections. You need one teaspoon baking soda mixed with one teaspoon aloe vera gel. Stir and apply the pack on your skin. Leave the pack on your pimples. Remove the pack after ten minutes. You can also massage the pack on your entire face. It will help in reducing the occurence of future pimples.

Baking Soda and Aloe Vera Pack