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7 Homemade Packs To Reduce Dryness And Damage Of Colored Hair

Colored hair looks attractive and gorgeous – it adds to your style and confidence. However, regular coloring of hair, might bring in roughness and dryness, especially when your hair is dehydrated or lacks moisture. You can prepare a few useful homemade packs, which will help in reducing the dryness of your hair. Your hair retains its natural shine, color and attractiveness in the most natural way. You do not have to use the most expensive treatments or creams, yet enjoy healthy bouncy soft hair.

Here Are 7 Homemade Packs To Reduce Dryness and Damage Of Colored Hair:

1. Mayonnaise Pack:

This is one of the most recommended packs for colored hair, especially for those who color their hair on a regular basis. Mayonnaise helps in holding back hair moisture, seals it and protects hair from damage caused due to coloring. You need to apply mayonnaise on your hair evenly. Use a brush for spreading mayonnaise evenly so that all strands are coated well. Let it remain for thirty minutes. Rise with cold water. Apply this pack once in a week and you will be able to control damage and dryness quite effectively.

Mayonnaise Pack

2. Beer and Buttermilk Pack:

Beer adds a natural bounce and shine to your hair. Buttermilk helps in keeping your hair moisturized and soft, adds natural glossiness and makes your hair look wonderful. You need three glasses of beer and two tablespoons of buttermilk. Mix well and apply the pack on your hair. Use your hands to ensure that all strands are coated. Do not massage or rub vigorously. You can rinse off with your special shampoo after 10 minutes. Your hair shall be soft and the dryness will reduce in a short time.

Beer and Buttermilk Pack

3. Rum and Black Tea Pack:

This is an interesting pack which reduces hair damage and dryness in a short time. To prepare this pack, you will need four tablespoons of brewed black tea. Mix at least one tablespoon of rum with this and mix well. Once you have a smooth consistency, apply the pack on the hair roots. You need to slowly work a bit outwards. Be gentle and do not rub vigorously. Let the pack remain for 40 minutes and then wash off.

Rum and Black Tea Pack

4. Banana and Honey Pack:

Mushy bananas are an excellent way to condition colored hair. Coloring tends to remove the shine and lustre from your hair. It causes split ends and frizz mainly due to dryness. To prepare the pack, you will need one whole banana, completely blended so that there are no lumps. If there are lumps they will tend to get stuck in your hair. Add two tablespoons honey and mix well till you have a smooth consistency. Apply this pack on your hair and leave it for twenty minutes. Rinse off with normal water. Apply this pack every week and you will be able to reduce your hair dryness.

Banana and Honey Pack

5. Olive Oil and Honey Pack:

Olive oil helps in maintaining moisture and hydration level of your hair. It helps in controlling excessive hair dryess caused due to color usage or heat. You need three tablespoons of olive oil, equal quantity of water and one tablespoon of honey. Stir all the ingredients and apply the pack on your hair. Coat all the strands well and apply the pack on your hair. You can rinse your hair in an hour. Your hair shall feel soft and nourished with a few applications.

Olive Oil and Honey Pack

6. Milk and Cream Pack:

Milk and cream are rich in hair nourishing proteins which are excellent for colored hair. The proteins present in cream and milk contain healing nutrients which help in soothing dry and damaged color hair. Hair gets back its natural moisture and shine with milk. You need ten tablespoons of milk and four tablespoons of cream. Mix both the ingredients and apply the pack on your hair. Use your hands to massage your hair so that all strands are well coated. Your hair will quickly absorb all vital nutrients and get a natural boost. You can remove the pack in thirty minutes.

Milk and Cream Pack

7. Papaya and Milk Pack:

Papaya is rich in hair proteins, strengthens the roots and reduces hair dryness often caused due to environmental pollution or exposure to heat or coloring. You need four or five tablespoons of papaya juice, depending on your hair length. Your hair stays hydrated and well moisturized. Add equal quantity of milk. Add five tablespoons of honey and mix well. You will have a smooth consistency. Apply the pack on your hair and gently massage so that all your hair strands are coated. You can wash your hair with cold water. Use this pack once in a week.

Papaya and Milk Pack