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7 Homemade Scrubs And Packs To Remove Whiteheads

Whiteheads are the tiny white breakouts that are the result of an oily face. Whiteheads can affect anyone of any age, though these are quite common among the younger generation. Whiteheads are mostly found around the chin and nose area. You can remove these pop outs with specially made packs which will not just help in removing them but also reduce their frequency of breakouts.

Here Are 7 Homemade Scrubs And Packs To Remove Whiteheads:

1. Oatmeal Scrub

An oatmeal scrub will exfoliate your skin while nourishing it with all essential nutrients. Oatmeal helps in soaking excessive dirt, oil and also sebum from skin. It helps in removing whiteheads. To prepare this pack you will need 4-5 tablespoons of oatmeal. To this oatmeal, you can add one tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of yogurt. Apply this all over your face and let it remain for 30 minutes. You can then wash it off as you lightly rub the white head prone areas in a circular motion. You can apply this scrub twice a week for best results.

oatmeal scrub

2. Sugar Scrub

Sugar is said to be one of the best exfoliating agents. To prepare this pack you need a tablespoon of sugar. Mix half a teaspoon of honey. Apply this all over your face and scrub it lightly all over the whiteheads area. You can leave this mixture on your face for some minutes. You can then rinse off using warm water. This scrub will help in removing your whiteheads and reduce their frequency of appearance too.

sugar scrub

3. Almond Scrub

Almonds are a great exfoliator. They help in nourishing the skin and removing dead skin cells. They remove whiteheads and offer a fresh glow to the skin. You need to soak at least 6-7 almonds in milk for this pack. Soak for 10 hours and then crush them with milk. You will get a coarse paste. You need to massage this milk and almond mixture all over your face in circular motion. It will remove dirt and whiteheads effectively. It will also tone your skin.


4. Salt And Lemon Juice Scrub

Salt is a great exfoliator. In a small bowl mix two tablespoons of salt and add one teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix well but ensure that the salt does not dissolve. You can apply this mixture and lightly rub the area where whiteheads appear. It will help in clearing the existing ones. Lemon juice will cleanse the skin from within and remove tan too. This combination exfoliates the skin naturally.

Salt and Lemon Juice Scrub

5. Tomato Pack

Tomato is a juicy vegetable rich in vitamin C which helps in rejuvenating the skin and removes all impurities from skin surface naturally. It helps to remove dirt, dead skin cells and helps in slowing down the frequency of pop outs of whiteheads effectively. Tomatoes help in soaking excess oil and dirt from the pores which help in slowly getting rid of whiteheads and is known to reduce their occurrence in future. You just the pulp of one tomato and add a few drops of lemon juice in it. Apply this pack in a circular motion and massage for ten minutes. You can then rinse off your face with cold water. Your face will be free from whiteheads and have a natural glow.

tomato pack

6. Honey And Cinnamon Pack

The combination of cinnamon and honey helps in reducing the occurrence of whiteheads and other skin breakouts as this pack will cleanse and purify the skin from within. With its antimicrobial properties, cinnamon helps in improving the skin quality. Honey softens the skin and gives a natural glow, removing all impurities naturally. You need to combine three tablespoons of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon and apply this all over your face. Massage in circular motion. This pack will remove your whiteheads and help in reducing their future breakouts too. Regular application will help in achieving a glowing skin.

Honey And Cinnamon Pack

7. Corn Starch Pack

Corn starch is a great absorbing agent. It is very effective in soaking excess oil and thereby removing too much sebum from the skin which is the main cause of whiteheads. In a bowl, you need three tablespoons of corn starch. Add one teaspoon of white vinegar in this and mix to have a smooth paste. Apply this pack all over your face, especially the areas where blackheads or whiteheads tend to appear. This will help in clearing out the poor, remove oil and dirt and reduce the appearance of these Let the pack dry and then rinse in lukewarm water. This pack has an acidic nature which reduces the occurrence of whiteheads and pimples. Regular application will give you a clear and fresh skin.