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7 Ideal Health Advantages Of Eating Dragon Fruit

All fruits hold nutrients and dragon fruit holds most nutrinents and vitamins. These nutrients have made dragon fruit superfruit advantageous in anything from Weight loss to heart disease. Dragon fruit comes from tropical countries and south east asia where its known for its medicinal values though world is only learning its real value now. Dragon fruit is powerhouse of vitamin c, b, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, omega fatty acids. This is one fruit which can quintessentially meet every requirement and aide in combating common cold and increasing disease resistance. These make dragon fruit lethal than most fruits.

Lets Uncover Few Lesser Known Health Benefits:

1. Effective Diabetes Reducer:

Today diabetes is starting to affect from an early age due to lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Any food high in sugar and oil potentially increases diabetes risk , worsens diabetes making it fatal over time. Dragon fruit is fiber rich fruit which slows down sugar absorption therefore delaying its digestion. When this happens blood sugar does not spike helping in lowering blood sugar making life manageable even  in diabetes. Latest study shows dragon fruit’s capability to normalise blood sugar has proven advantageous in cutting down risk of diabetes [1].

Essential Point– Excess sugar craving is main reason for diabetes. Its important to overcome this craving by eating fiber rich foods like dragon fruit to maintain heart and cholesterol.

Effective Diabetes Reducer

2. Good Cancer Preventer:

Body needs free radicals elimination food to curb cancer progression. Its ideal but not always plausible so eating antioxidant rich fruit becomes best available option. Dragon fruit contains cancer lowering its risk by eliminating  free radicals. Lycopene, betalain and carotene are effective antioxidants in lessening oxidation and its illaffects on cells delaying cancer progression, regenerating new cells in cancer. Moreover, its suggested Dragon fruit enhances carcinogenic effect beneficial in lowering tumor size. These qualities makes dragon fruit essential  in diet for managing cancer [2].

Essential Point– Cancer is curable when its detected early. A cancer friendly food with medication becomes must in initating cancer treatment.

Good Cancer Preventer

3. Healthy Digestion Giver:

Proper digestion is key to sustain healthy life. Body absorbs nutrients via food which needs to be digested properly to keep away stomach ailments. In this condition, dragon fruit can boost cleaning of digestive system whereas  its protein rich flesh, seeds enact as body strenghteners giving energy. Moreover dragon fruit also smoothens bowel movement allowing easier food progreesion in digestive tract, boosting digestion and  producing digestive juices which overcomes ibs and constipation [3].

Essential Point– Most important point is when digestion is at its best chances of disease auomatically decreases. This is vital for leading fitter and active life.

Healthy Digestion Giver

4. Ideal Immunity Enhancer:

Life needs strong immunity always to counter various health issues. Vitamin c is well known immunity fortifier and dragon fruit is enriched with it. Vitamin c behaves like vitamin as well as antioxidant. Being antioixidant, its ideal in eliminating free radicals which strengthen immune system, increase bacteria, disease resistance boosting health. This vitamin c rich fruit becomes must in daily diet for optimum immune system management [4].

Essential Point– A good health requires healthy immunity. Immune system needs immunity friendly diet and dragon fruit fulfills this requirement.

Ideal Immunity Enhancer

5. Lowers Heart Disease:

Heart is blood supplier to all organs and body parts. Some nutrients are always needed  for managing heart. Dragon fruit has heart healthy nutrients like monosaturated fats, betalains, fiber and omega fatty acids. Antioxidants play vital role in curbing heart’s oxidative damages, reducing plaque formation needed for lowering  heart stroke and arteries blockage reducing heart disease’s risk.

Fiber, on other hand is good cholesterol reducer lowering heart stress and inflammation. Omega 3 and 6 are well known for their heart enriching benefits. Heart needs fatty acids for lessening triglycerides allowing best heart management in heart disease. Dragon fruit’s qualities makes it effective in  forming barrier against sudden heart stroke and attack [5].

Essential Point– Any fruit which has this potent heart strengthening benefits becomes an automatic choice.

Lowers Heart Disease

6. Limits Arthritis Outbreak:

Bones start to lose agility and firmness because of age or insufficient calcium deposit. This becomes serious issue  as it increases risk of arthiritis in later age. Dragon fruit can aide in bone management by Increasing  calcium count which  strengthens bone, reduces arthiritis and its chances. Vitamin c is good bone inflammation improver while calcium strengthens bones reducing symptoms of arthiritis and osteoarthiritis [6].

Essential Point– Phosphorous, calcium and Vitamin c hold key in giving healthy bones. When taken from early age, its beneficial in reducing chances of arthiritis, giving strong bones and maintaining bone health in old age.

 Limits Arthritis Outbreak

7. Supports Youthful Skin:

Everyone dreams of having ageless skin for life but its unattainable. Some fruits however hold potential to support youthful skin and dragon fruit is best example of it. Our cells have little phosphorous in them which can beautify skin. Dragon fruit’s vitamin c, antioxidants and phosphorous  are acknowledged as skin enhancing nutrients. Skin starts losing its firmness after 30 and vitamin c aides in firming skin, boosting collagen giving supple and youthful skin in aging skin.

Antioxidants can boost cell renewal delaying premature aging and phophorous speedens cell repairing ideal in repairing aging skin and promoting youthful look. This fruit must be taken regularly for best skin management [7].

Essential Point– These qualities of dragon fruit have made it instant hit amongst women and beauty industry. Youthful skin is gift which everyone wants regardless of age.

 Supports Youthful Skin

Good health is necessity and not just requirement, reality which one must realise at earliest. When one stumbles upon fruit which has antioxidants, vitamin c, fiber, potassium and more. It automatically becomes part of healthy food diet hence no surprise that dragon fruit is latest and popular entrant in health food.