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7 Incredible Benefits Of Acupuncture Technique

We all are aware of acupuncture technique. It is an alternate to medicine wherein small thin needles are inserted into the skin to cure various health and skin concerns. Generally it used in pain relief treatments by inserting needles on the specific points which are considered to points of energy. There are several types of acupuncture therapies which are being practiced such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Korean Acupuncture, Five Element Acupuncture and Aurlcural Acupuncute. It is very important to consult a well trained and certified aesthetician to perform it. There are many benefits of this acupuncture technique. Today we will cover the same in this discussion.

Here Are Some Of The Incredible Benefits Of Acupuncture Technique:

1. Anti Ageing

Acupuncture can be beneficial for treating the fine lines and saggy skin as well. It helps to create the positive microtrauma under your skin which helps to stimulate the fibro-blasts and boosts the collagen production. Increased collagen production results into healthy skin cell regeneration which promotes youthful look by reducing the wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti Ageing

2. Prevent Acne

We always believe in topical treatments when it comes to acne. But most of the time the reason lies inside our system. Here acupuncture works on the acne causing factors such as digestive imbalances, slow lymphatic systems and others. Hence it is very beneficial to get an acupuncture treatment for acne along with the other topical remedies.


3. Stress Free Mind

As we just discussed that, in this technique small thin needles are placed on the specific points of energy which helps to flow the energy throughout the body which is very useful in relieving the stress as well. To reduce the stress the needles are placed in the hands and feet.

Stress free Mind

4. Headache Relief

Headache is very common nowadays thanks to our hectic lifestyle. Headaches can be caused due to any reasons such as sinus, allergies, head injury, dental disorders etc. Acupuncture technique is very effective in treating the headache. The needles are placed on the calming points to balance the high blood flow and qi. This helps to relives the pain and also helps to get rid of all signs of stress. Next time if you are suffering from headache or even a migraine to try an acupuncture technique.

Headache Relief

5. Weight Loss

Acupuncture is also proven beneficial for weight loss. It helps to regulate the water metabolism and also suppress the appetite. In this process the needles are placed on the specific points which helps to release the endorphins. Endorphins help to calm and relax the body and makes it easy to deal with anxiety which triggers overeating and bingeing on fattening foods. Hence you get great control over your food intake.

Weight Loss

6. Pigmentation

Acupuncture is also beneficial when it comes to treating the skin concerns such as eczema, acne and pigmentation. If you are suffering from any of these above and not getting any result from anywhere then do try acupuncture once.It helps to treat the skin from within on the root cause by activating the energy flow under your skin.


7. Hair Loss

As we discussed , Acupuncture helps to improve the qi which is known as life energy and blood flow in the body. Healthy hair are depend on three factors which are Qi( Life energy ), Blood flow and Kidney energy. Our kidneys help to nourish our hair. Acupuncture is very beneficial in strengthening the kidneys.Hence overall acupuncture works on all three factors and promote strong and healthy hair growth.

Hair Loss