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7 Natural Diy Cold And Flu Remedies


Cold and flu can be quite irritating at times. Usually this illness is accompanied with fever, sneezing and coughing. Don’t worry because these symptoms symbolize that your body’s immune system is battling against the harmful bacteria behind this issue. Our system deliberately increases our body temperature leading to the occurrence of fever so that it would create an unsuitable hot atmosphere for the germs. Whereas, coughing and sneezing are some ways to clear your windpipes from mucus and dirt particles blocking it. There are also many natural remedies to cure flu quickly and easily.

 Try These Methods At Home To Get Rid Of Cold And Flu Completely In A Natural Way Without Any Medicinal Intake:

 Hot Or Cold Packs:

You can opt for either hot or cold packs since both of them are effective. Simply have a cotton cloth and some ice cubes. Wrap the ice cubes into a bundle. Another method is to have a bag of frozen peas which can act as a perfect cold pack. For hot packs, pour boiled water into massage bags available at stores. Or dip a cotton cloth into hot water and squeeze to remove excess water. Then use the hot cloth for treatment. Either way, put the pack around your jammed and congested sinuses. Do this on and off for half an hour daily to eliminate cold and flu problems.


Warm Salt Solution:

Take about 7-8 ounces of warm water. Then add about a quarter teaspoon of salt and baking soda into the water. Stir them well. Salt solution is very beneficial for blocked and irritated nasal passages. Buy a proper syringe which comes along with nasal kits at medical stores. Apply light pressure and close one of your nostrils. Then use the syringe to squirt some of this solution into the other nostril. Allow it to drain. It might create tingling effect initially but after a while you’ll get used to it. This is a kind of nasal rinsing method which can prevent the recurrence of cold symptoms. Follow this technique at least 3-4 times to get some relief.

Warm Salt

Ginseng Herb:

This is a famous herb which is used for many health benefits mainly in China and Asian countries. It can increase our stamina and energy. Hence, it is useful for people who are suffering from tiredness and lethargy. Ginseng is a natural booster that can make your day lively and dynamic. Recent researchers have found that habitual or daily consumption of this herb can reduce the effects of flu and cold. It has also been found that the duration of this illness also may decrease. If you include this every day in your diet, cold may not get a chance to conquer your body at all.



Having a cup of warm tea can improvise your condition. But do not go for rich milk teas or other kinds. Simply drink black tea or green tea. Both of them contain a phytochemical compound which causes anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities to exhibit in our body. So have more tea to keep cold and flu at bay.


Vitamin C:

Increase your intake of vitamin C rich foods like bell pepper and fresh orange juice. This vitamin is very useful in reducing the seriousness and period of your suffering. Even though it cannot prevent the occurrence of flu, it can decrease the symptoms. Hence, eat more fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C content.

Vitamin C

Warm Water:

When you first realized you have cold, start drinking plenty of warm water. Avoid cold and lukewarm water for some time. Drinking warm water can promote faster recovery. At the same time, this can initiate our body to stimulate the immune system to fight against the flu. You are helping your system to keep your body and temperature warm which is a criterion to eliminate bacteria as well. During this time, have a lot of rest because the body becomes weak and tired. And also, remember to keep yourself warm by using double layered blankets while sleeping.


Echinacea And Goldenseal Herbs:

These 2 herbs can work like a miracle in eradicating flu from our system. Usually Echinacea is used in the form of solution. You can have this herb separately by adding a few drops of this tincture into a glass of warm water. Stir them well and drink it. You can repeat this process 3 times per day. Another way is to combine both Echinacea and goldenseal herbal solutions and consume them. Take this at the initial sign of cold or flu as it can prevent your condition from becoming severe. These kinds of herbal remedies are always better than tablets and pills which are filled with chemicals.