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7 Peel-Off Masks To Brighten Your Complexion Instantly


A peel off mask does much more than you can imagine. It not only gets rid of your dull skin woes and sorts out your skin problems, it also peels off dead layer of skin. As a result, you are able to get skin that is instantly brighter and radiant. It also means that you kind of get instantly fairer skin too.

So Here Are 7 Amazing Peel Off Masks To Brighten Skin:

1. Egg Peel-Off

This egg peel-off mask is all about preventing ageing and helping you look younger, without trying too hard. You will need 2 egg whites for this remedy along with some tissue paper and lemon juice. Mix egg whites well with the lemon juice. Then apply it on the face and neck and paste the tissue paper on top. Apply egg white mixture again on top. Once dry, the paper will help in peeling off the mask with ease. Wash off face well.

Egg Peel-Off

2. Honey Papaya Mask

This is a honey mask made using some natural fruits like papaya. The fruit is rich in enzymes that hydrates the skin along with providing an array of other benefits. You will also need some gelatine powder here. Mix 1/4th cup of papaya juice with some honey and dissolve gelatine well into the mask. Then apply on the face and let it stay till dry. Peel of gently to get smoother and softer skin.

Honey Papaya Mask

3. Cucumber With Agar Agar

Agar agar is a natural substance that is used to bind things. If you cannot find it, don’t worry gelatine works just fine too. Take the juice of a cucumber along with some lime juice in it. You can also add some rose water here for better glow. Make sure that there are no thick peels or elements in the mask or else it won’t peel off well. Add 1-2 spoons of agar agar or gelatine. Once dissolved, apply all over face and neck and let it dry. Peel off and then rinse well.

Cucumber With Agar Agar

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4. Milk and Glycerin

This is a mask that is more suitable for the dry skin types, especially very dry skin or sensitive skin. You can use cream here too. It nourishes the skin, provides lustre and adds an instant glow. A pinch of saffron helps to get better radiance here. Mix together 1/4 cream or milk along with 3 spoons of gelatine and a few drops of glycerin. If you want to add saffron, dissolve the same in water and use it now. Once the mixture has cooled down it will become more like a gel paste. Apply it all over the face and neck. This white mixture will reflect how much dirt comes off as you peel off the mask. The result, is soft and nourished skin, without dry skin woes.

Milk and Glycerin

5. Aloe Gel And Green Tea Mask

If you are suffering from sunburn issues or have a tan and want to soothe your skin along with getting some brilliant radiance, then this is the mask for you. It contains aloe vera that is best known for soothing skin along with fighting problems of pigmentation. Green tea on the other hand comprises of antioxidants and helps your skin stay younger for longer. Mix together about 1/4th cup water with 2-3 spoons of aloe gel and a green tea bag. Add some gelatine powder to it and simmer. When dissolved, mix all the ingredients well and take out the tea bag. Once cool, apply on the face in upward strokes. Peel off when it dries.

Aloe Gel And Green Tea Mask

6. Orange Peel Off

Get rid of your dead skin woes along with impurities with this mask that clarifies the skin and also gives you a radiant glow. The orange juice cells comprise of rejuvenating ingredients to get rid of dirt. It also helps you look younger and brighter instantly. Take 5 spoons of orange juice (only fresh not packet) and mix with 1 spoon of gelatine. Once it dissolves well apply on the face. You will need about two coats for a better peel off mask.

Orange Peel Off

Pineapple and Rose Water

Another cooling and soothing rose water mask does wonders for the skin. It improves elasticity of the skin and gives you a nice shine, while balancing oiliness. Mix together 2 spoons of rose water, 4 spoons of pineapple juice and some gelatine. Now mix all of these over low heat. Don’t boil it too far. As this becomes thick and almost gel like, apply all over the face and neck. Let it dry and then peel off. Wash off with some cold water to get rid of any stickiness that may be there.

Pineapple and Rose Water