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7 Remedies For Pus Cells In Urine

If you have ever gone through the urine tests, you may have noticed the column of pus cells which is shown in the urine test results. The pus cells, when get reflected in the urine can show some kind of virus or infection. Pus cells indicate the thick and yellowish substance which is an indication of infections in your body. The pus cells can show that any organ and mainly the urinary tract are suffering from an infection. If the amount of pus cells in your urine is extremely high, it shows that it can also lead to some dangerous condition for your kidneys, urinary tract, bladed and such organs!

Here Are Some Remedies For Pus Cells In Urine:

1. Baking Soda

Wondering how will baking soda work magically for fighting pus cells? Now that we know pus cells are a reflection of infection or bacterial present in your urinary tract, the baking soda is a natural cleanser which can fight such issues [1] . Baking soda can maintain the pH balance and also the acidic nature of the urine which will cure the infection easily. If your pus cell levels are immensely high, go for baking soda solution and get quick healing!

Baking Soda

2. Watercress

This is an amazing cleanser which will soon get you rid of the pus cells and will clean your body [2] . Watercress is an amazing herb which is filled with vitamins which can fight bacterial infections miraculously. It consists of lot of minerals and nutrients like which can fight bacteria. Thus, consumes watercress and reduces the pus cells in your urine!


3. Cranberry Juice

There is a reason behind the doctors suggesting to consume more and more cranberry juice for women [3] . The cranberry juice can effectively fight the urinary tract infections and can heal all the infections. This juice kills bacteria and makes your body healthy! Thus drink a lot of cranberry juice and fights all the infections due to pus cells which can get severe! Even vitamin c in this juice is amazing for killing the bacteria which makes a good reason to consume more cranberry juice

Cranberry Juice

4. Cucumber Juice Or Watermelon Juice

These are the 2 ingredients filled with water content which will never fail to flush out all the toxins and harmful elements from your body [4] . Thus, drink a lot of watermelon or cucumber juice which consists of water and will help in flushing out the bacteria which causes increase in pus cells! Try this remedy and get rid of pus cells soon!

Cucumber Juice Or Watermelon Juice

5. Indian Gooseberries

Filled with vitamin C, this amazing food is a natural body cleanser and also works as a cool detox agent. If your urine reports show pus cells getting increased, daily consume 1 cup Indian gooseberry or amla juice [5] . This juice is loaded with vitamin c which is the best nutrient for killing bacteria is. Thus, fight pus cells with this amazing remedy!

 Indian Gooseberries

6. Yogurt

Yogurt is an essential porbiotic which keeps our body free from infections and bacteria [6] . If your body is loaded with pus cells and your urine indicated infections, you must consume 1 cup yogurt everyday for fighting such issues. Yogurt would simply cleanse your urinary tract and kill all the bacterial efficiently!


7. Garlic

Garlic is considered as one of the finest ingredients for cleansing and detoxifying the bacteria [7] . If your body is infected and specially have increased pus cells, go for garlic remedy and fight pus cells. Daily consume 1-2 garlic cloves and this will help in fighting the pus cells and making your urinary tract bacteria free!