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7 Side Effects Of Black Cohosh

7 Side Effects Of Black Cohosh

You must have heard the various therapeutic benefits of Black cohosh. This is an ancient herb which is mostly grown in tropical areas of America. It is considered to be one of the most beneficial remedies for treating various symptoms of menopause and pain associated with menstruation. The root of this herb has medicinal qualities and is used in preparation of medicines. This herb contains chemicals that helps in increasing the defence system of the body and minimizes inflammation. It directly affects the nervous system of the body and assists brain to send signals to several body parts. These were some of the advantages of black cohosh which most of us know. But we are unaware of the side effects which this herb can cause to us. In this article we are going to talk on some of these side effects.

Toxic Liver

With the consumption of black cohosh some people who were already facing some liver troubles experienced toxicity in their liver. The condition of the liver was greatly deteriorated with the chemical contained in the herb. People who are having issues like jaundice, liver failure, hepatitis etc. should prevent the consumption of this herb at all costs.

Detoxes Your Liver


Black cohosh consists of a chemical which itself acts as a hormone. So if you are facing issues in hormone regulating conditions like pregnancy etc. then one should avoid taking black cohosh during that time. Body’s hormone and the chemical found in the black cohosh may react in different ways and may even cause miscarriage in a woman. Intake of black cohosh is also not good for lactating mothers.


Possibility Of Breast Cancer

If you are suffering from black cohosh then the problem can become worse on intake of this herb. Black cohosh resulted in the spreading of deadly cancerous cells to the entire lungs region after its ingestion. So all women who have possibilities of developing this deadly cancer or any of their ancestors have suffered from this problem are advised to completely avoid this herb.

Breast Cancer

Deteriorates Female Body Issues

Female body experiences so many conditions which are sensitive to hormone secretion. Some of these conditions are fibroids, uterine, endometriosis and ovarian cancers. The chemical present in the black cohosh can interfere and disturbs the normal working of body hormones and leads to some critical circumstances.


Pain In The Abdomen

According to the research done on people who were taking black cohosh in the form of supplements, were found to experience digestion issues like diarrhoea, constipation and acidity. Some of them also complained of acute abdominal pain which they have never experienced before. Some woman also felt nausea, dizziness and vomiting sensation in the body which might be considered as few of the side effects of black cohosh.

Stomach Ulcer

Frequent Head Pain

Consumption of black cohosh resulted in frequent and mild pain the head region. This was followed with heaviness in the head and blurred vision.


Weight Related Issues

One of the sudden side effects of black cohosh is increase in body weight of a person. This is the most common side effect witnessed mostly by woman after the intake of this herb for few days to a month.

Weight Gain

So these were some of the unpleasant and disturbing side effects of Black cohosh. If you are experiencing these kinds of problems as mentioned above then it is advised to discontinue the consumption of black cohosh at the earliest. If the problem has worsened after taking this herb one must approach a reputed doctor immediately.