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7 Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid of Crow’s Feet


Crow’s feet, also called laughter lines or character lines, can make you look older and extremely tired out. Crow’s feet, which are an inevitable signs of the natural ageing process, are clusters of small wrinkles or fine lines, which radiate outwards from the sides of your eyes. Crow’s feet are caused by small muscle contractions due to repetitive facial motions including squinting and smiling.

A marked reduction in the production of elastin and collagen (proteins which maintain the skin’s elasticity) can also lead to the formation of laughter lines or character lines. Home remedies which boost the production of collagen and those which keep the skin moisturized from deep within, can help to slow down the formation of crow’s feet.

7 Wonderful Must Try Home Remedies For Crow’s Feet

1. Papaya

Homemade papaya mask prepared from ripe papaya pulp is a sure shot remedy to slow down the formation of crow’s feet. Papaya contains vast caches of vitamin C. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid plays a pivotal role in the production of collagen. Increasing the production of the skin protein collagen can gently erase the initial signs of ageing, including sagging skin and laughter lines. Papain the natural enzyme which is present in papaya simultaneously exfoliates and tightens skin cells as well.

Scoop out the pulp of a small, ripe papaya. Mash the papaya pulp using the back of a large slotted spoon. Add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to the mashed papaya pulp. Slather on this refreshing mask on the face. Allow the papaya pulp to remain on your face for a few minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Following this home remedy diligently can help to gently erase laughter lines.


2. Castor Oil

The emollient properties of castor oil is extremely beneficial in removing all traces of unsightly crow’s feet. Castor oil moisturizes the skin from deep within. Replenishing the natural moisture levels of the skin by using deep hydrating moisturizers like castor oil can keep laughter lines at bay.

Simply dip a clean cotton ball in a bowl containing one teaspoon of castor oil. Apply this oil liberally on the laughter lines. Allow the skin to soak up the castor oil overnight. Wash off the excess castor oil in the morning using cold water.

 Castor Oil

3. Avocado

Avocado contains huge amounts of the skin friendly vitamin – vitamin E. This natural vitamin not only protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun but it also helps to smooth out crow’s feet or character lines. An avocado face mask prepared from fresh avocado pulp is the best, natural way to gently erase laughter lines. To further enhance the natural skin nourishing properties of avocado you can also add a teaspoon of pure aloe vera gel to this refreshing face mask. Aloe vera gel not only nourishes the skin from deep within but it also helps to tighten the skin as well.

To prepare this deeply hydrating face mask scoop out the avocado flesh. Mash the avocado pulp using the back of a spoon. Add a teaspoon or two pure aloe vera gel. Mix the ingredients to form a fine paste. Apply the avocado and aloe vera mask liberally on your face and the corners of your eyes. Leave the face mask on for a few minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Repeat this home remedy every day for a few weeks to notice a visible reduction in the appearance of crow’s feet.


4. Egg Whites

Egg whites can help to diminish the appearance of laughter lines. Lysozyme an important enzyme which is found in egg whites help to preserve the natural elasticity of the skin.

Furthermore, a face mask prepared using egg whites can help to tighten facial skin. To prepare this particular home remedy simply whisk the white’s of two large eggs. Add three drops of coconut oil to the egg whites. Now slather on this mixture on the face and around the corner of the eyes. Allow the skin to soak up the egg white and coconut oil mixture for five minutes and then wash off the face mask with luke warm water.

Egg Whites

5. Milk and Sweet Almond Oil

Milk is an excellent source of AHA’s or Alpha Hydroxy Acids. AHA’s help to gently exfoliate the upper layers of dead skin and to reveal newer wrinkle free skin underneath. Milk also contains vast amounts of glycolic acid, an AHA which penetrates the skin most easily and promotes the production of collagen. Almond oil is a good source of copper. Copper enhances the formation of peptides which in turn boosts the production of collagen.

Mix two tablespoons of full fat milk with one teaspoon of sweet almond oil in a clean glass bowl. Dip a cotton ball in the milk and almond oil mixture. Apply this mix liberally around the eyes. Finally, wash of the excess mix with cold water.

Milk and Sweet Almond Oil

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6. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber extract is an excellent natural remedy to get rid of crow’s feet. Cucumber juice is renowned for its skin revitalizing properties. Cucumber juice contains a host of skin friendly vitamins and minerals. These skin nourishing nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B5 and B6, help to boost collagen production and also to nourish the skin from deep within.

Grate one large cucumber after removing its outer skin. Now, squeeze the grated cucumber with all of your might to extract its potent juices. Allow the freshly extracted cucumber juice to pass through a fine muslin cloth to remove impurities. Now dip a cotton ball in the cucumber juice and dab the juice around the eyes. Allow the cucumber juice to remain on the skin for five minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

Cucumber Juice

7. Honey

Honey contains a plethora of skin friendly nutrients which prevents the formation of crow’s feet. The vast caches of vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin B6 which are present in honey help to prevent cellular damage and premature ageing of skin. Organic honey also hydrates  and nourished the skin from deep down.

To prepare this home remedy simply dip a cotton ball in a bowl containing organic honey. Apply the honey liberally around the eyes. Allow the delicate skin around the eyes to soak up the honey for at least five minutes.  Wash off the excess honey with cold water.