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7 Very Effective Natural Remedies For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a very common problem and sometimes it becomes so much painful that its sufferer even fails to walk even slowly. The problem of cracked heels occurs with symptoms like inflammation, redness peeling of skin and itchiness on the heels. The problem becomes worse with increasing time if proper action against it is not taken at early stage. Cracked heels generally occurs due to lack of moisture and improper caring of feet but it also aroused due to complexions like corns, diabetes and side effects of diabetes too It is therefore advisable for you to not take cracked heels lightly if you notifies its symptoms so as to avoid complexions like bleeding and swelling of heels..

Following Are Some Of The Best Natural Remedies For Cracked Heels That Will Definitely Ease Your Discomfort:

1. Use Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable oils of different varieties are very beneficial in giving slow but long term relief from cracked heels. Different vegetable oils like sesame oil, olive oil or coconut oil can be used for massaging your cracked heels with it during night time so as to get rid of this complexion. However, you must wash your feet with a soapy water before applying such oil to your feet. Repeating this activity regularly for 2 weeks will make your feet smooth and attractive once again.

Vegetable Oil

2. Use Rice Flour:

Rice flour is a fabulous skin exfoliating age t that can easily remove the dead skin cells thereby making your feet free from unwanted cracks. You needs to prepare a thick paste of ground rice flour in a small bowl and few drops of honey and then applying the prepared paste to the cracked feet before going to bed. Its application during night time gives fast result in removing cracked heels because the paste gets ample of time during night time for deeper penetration action on affected area.

Rice Flour

3. Apply Lemon:

Lemon is extremely rich in Vitamin C and citric acid that proves to be highly effective in making your rough feet soft and smooth. You only need to keep your feet in a container having warm water mixed with lemon juice for 10-15 minutes. You must ensure to scrub your feet with a pumice stone before soaking your feet in water having lemon juice as use of scrubber removes the dirt and impurities from cracked heels comfortably.


4. Apply Glycerin And Rosewater:

Rosewater and glycerin both gives best result in removing cracked heels issue. Both rosewater and glycerin are cosmetic products and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin. In fact, rosewater is rich in essential antioxidants and vitamins which can remove impurities of heels. You just need to mix 2 tsp of rose water and 2 tsp of glycerin and then massaging your feet with the solution atleast 3-4 times a day to attain desirable result within 10 days.

Glycerin And Rosewater

5. Use Paraffin Wax:

Cracked heels are very painful if the crack condition is extremely bad due to negligence of its symptoms. Under such condition, you must massage your cracked heels with paraffin wax as it works as a natural emollient in making your cracked skin soft once again. You need to boil a block of paraffin wax and then mixing 2tsp of mustard oil in the wax followed by dipping your feet in the prepared solution for a minute and then taking a break of 15 seconds. Repeating this activity continuously for 30 minutes daily during night time will definitely make your skin soft and smooth. However, you must ensure to dip your feet in a cool wax solution because warm wax solution increases skin inflammation.

Paraffin Wax

6. Apply Epsom Salt:

Cracked heels mainly occur due to lack of proper moisture in the feet. If your foot having too much crack then you can use Epsom salt to give it extra moisturization. You need to mix ½ cup of Epsom salt in a glass of warm water and then dipping your cracked foot in the solutions for 5 minutes after scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone. This remedy is very effective in improving the blood circulation in the foot.

Epsom Salt

7. Apply Honey, Butter And Turmeric Mask:

Honey and turmeric both are blessed with superb antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can give fast relief from dry, itchy and cracked heels. You need to form a thick paste of 4 tsp of honey, 2 tsp of butter and same amount of turmeric and applying the paste on affected area for a night before moving to bed for sleep. Repeating this remedy daily, several times a week will definitely retain the lost shine of your feet by healing the cracked heels from its root.

Honey, Butter And Turmeric Mask