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7 Vital Life Saving And Stroke Reducing Tips To Lead Healthy Life


Health management has become a difficult proposition. Many diseases are capable of  affecting life and stroke is one such life threatening ailment. Our heart and brain plays crucial role in life enrichment, sustainment and Stroke afflicts these life giving organs. Any disruption of blood supply to arteries in form of excessive blockage, clogging and tearing makes one stroke prone.  Sometimes it also occurs because of genetic heredity or lifestyle and environmental changes. Brain needs proper blood flow at all times to contain stroke and maintain its  vigor. Blood deficiency in brain is leading reason of experiencing sudden internal haemmorrhage, thromobosis and ischemia.  Stroke containment becomes essential when one has already suffered from stroke.  Best health practices and tips have proven beneficial in overcoming stroke and prolonging life.

Ideal Lifestyle Changes Which Curtails Onset Or  Stroke:

1. Consuming Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables hold potent vitamins, fibers and nutrients. Its suggested plant based foods can lower cholesterol efficiently reducing stroke and its ill affects [1]  .  Olive oil, fruit, vegetable and whole grain food in Mediterranean diet holds good stroke lowering properties. At the same time, its also good in boosting brain and heart health. Fibers aide in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar whereas antioxidants protect cardiovascular health. Its a necessity to eat 5 or more vegetables daily if one wants to live healthy. Mediterranean diet is best example of plant based food system which anyone can follow.

Fruits And Vegetables

2. Doing Cardiovascular Exercises

Good life and organs need exercise to lead fitter and healthier life [2] . Exercise not only supports optimum health but also increases immunity.  A healthy, immune rich body is effective deterrent over diseases bettering organ, clolesterol and weight management. Amongst all exercises, cardioviscular and aerobic exercises are particularly good in lowering weight, blood pressure, improving blood vessel health and increasing lipoprotein cholesterol which inturn holds life saving potential in stroke. Its no wonder than that Doctors suggest exercising 30 minutes daily to limit onset of stroke. Brisk walking, swimming and yoga are best exercise forms for everyone.

Cardiovascular Exercises

3. Following Cholesterol And Fat Free Diet

Its said we are what we eat and how we live [3] .  Food rich in sugar and trans fat may appeal to tastebuds but holds fatal consequences for health as it enhances fatty acid deposit which blocks arteries increasing risk of stroke. To lower and manage stroke, its important to consume food  low in sodium, cholesterol and fat.  These also aide in optimising arteries health management which acts as deterrnt over stroke.

 Cholesterol And Fat Free Diet

4. Reducing Hypertension

There is connection between heart health, stroke and high blood pressure [4] . High blood pressure affects everything from weight to heart. High blood pressure is known elevator of heart disease, blood pressure, sugar, diabetes and obesity.  When hypertension is lowered it can lessen frequency of stroke and its repurccusions on health. Its possible to achieve low blood pressure by exercising regularly, sustaining healthy weight and eating nutrient rich food. These changes are vital for everyone whether they are fit or sick.


5. Saying No To alcohol

Everyone knows alcohol has side affects and is fatal in long run [5] . A new study shows another grave affect of alcohol on stroke. This study says alcohol consumers have 69% more risk of developing stroke than non alcohol drinkers. Lungs are first organ to be afflicted by excessive drinking. On the other hand, drinking may also lead to incessant weight gain which spikes blood pressure increasing risk of stroke and hemorrhagic attack. Its best to avoid alcohol if one wants to lead fit and healthy  life.

Saying No To alcohol

6. Managing Healthy Weight

Proper weight management holds key to stroke management [6] . A person who has already suffered from stroke needs to be extra careful about sudden weight fluctuations. Being overweight enhances risk of diabetes, heart disease which leads to stroke enhancement.  An ideal weight decreases blood pressure, sugar and
improves cholesterol. A study says weight loss of 5- 10% may aide in lowering stroke risk giving healthy life.

Healthy Weight

7. Understanding Signs Of Stroke

When stroke signs are known by family of stroke affected people, its beneficial in curbing future onset of stroke [7] . Its possible to recognise stroke from breath shortness, irregular heart rhythm, extreme fatigue and sweating. These are ideal to overcome stroke and live healthy life.

Signs Of Stroke

It has become clear now that stroke is preventable if its recognised at right time. Right ambiance, diet and lifestyle are few steps through which on can save life in stroke. Good living is need of the hour and should never be ignored in these hectic times.