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7 Ways to Get The Thicker, Longer And Stronger Lashes

make your eye lashes thicker, longer and stronger in 7 ways

Beautiful and longer eye lashes is what many girls want and are willing to spend thousands of bucks for it. When the lashes are beautiful, healthy and strong, they only add to the beauty of the face precisely the eyes. However, this is the one thing that not everyone is blessed with. These can be made possible with healthy diet but it also depends upon the genes. However, you can always put some efforts to improve the health of your eye lashes. If not longer, you can make them stronger at least. If you are ready for this, then do follow the remedies or the tips given below.

Top 7 Amazing Methods To Get Thicker Stronger And Fuller Eye Lashes:

1. Castor Oil Or Olive Oil:

Oil, you might have used for hairs but did you know that these oils can also be used for promoting the natural health of eye lashes as well? If not, then start using from now onwards because oils can be used for promoting the overall health of the eye lashes. You can apply castor oil or olive oil on the eye lashes and keep for as long as you want. Not that you have to keep it applied for longer period, why should you not apply at night, keep overnight and wash off the next morning. This will only promote the overall health of the eye lashes.

Castor Oil Or Olive Oil

2. Remove Eye Makeup:

This one is that one tip that you must follow in everyday routine. There is a proper way of removing eye makeup. You must keep in mind that you don’t have to sleep with the eye makeup on else it may hinder with the natural beauty of the eye as well as stop the growth of lashes and take way the strength. Well, it happens because eye makeup contains numerous chemicals that stop the growth of the eye lashes.

Make sure that whatever you choose for removing the eye makeup, it is free of chemicals and gentle. If possible, go for the natural ones. Also, while removing the makeup, be gentle and do not rub the lashes too vigorously. One of the best natural method of removing the eye makeup is olive oil. Olive oil can be used for removing not only the heavy makeup but also nourishes the condition and the skin of the eyes.

Remove Eye Makeup

3. Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin e oil when applied to the eye lashes only soothe the lashes and prevent any kind of irritation. Using vitamin e oil on your lashes, makes them stronger and prevent any breakage.For applying vitamin e oil to the eyelids, simply use a brush or an old mascara wand and apply the oil to your lases. Let the oil stay on your eye lashes for as long as you can. Alternatively, you can also use vitamin e tablets that you can easily find into the market.

Vitamin E Oil

4. Green Tea:

If you are going for the green tea then go for the organic unsweetened green tea. Green tea is beneficial and important for the overall health of the lashes. You can use it on your face topically and keep into good shape. Drink and you will be healthy.Put one green tea bag into warm water. Let it stay for 10 minutes. When it is cold, dip one cotton ball into the tea and apply on your eye lashes. Let it stay on your lashes for as long as you can. Alternatively, you can mix 1 teaspoon of the above prepared green tea into 2 teaspoon of olive oil and apply on your eye lashes. This will also help in nourishing the eye lashes and make strong, healthy and thicker.

green tea

5. Aloe Vera Gel:

This is the cheapest yet the most effective remedy for promoting the growth of the eye lashes. For longer and fuller lashes, you can use aloe vera gel. This mixture is helpful in making the eye lashes longer, stronger but still moisturized.Simply mix some aloe vera gel with 2 drops of jojoba oil. Mix and then apply this mixture on your eye lashes.

Aloe Vera Gel

6. Massage Your Eyelids:

Massaging eyelids is another very important method for growing eye lids and make them stronger and thicker. What happens is that when we massage our eyelids, the blood flow improves which promotes the growth of the eye lashes. With this method, you will be able to make your eye lashes stronger and prevent loosing of eye lashes or the breakage.Massage your eye lids for 10 minutes every day and make them beautiful and stronger at no cost.

Massage Your Eyelids

7. Use Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly is another natural method of boosting the growth, health and the strength of the eye lashes. You can apply petroleum jelly to your eye lashes at night and rinse in the morning. This is that cheapest mask that you will ever find anywhere. Also, it is reliable. Make sure that you let the petroleum jelly stay on your lashes for as long as you can. Petroleum Jelly