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7 Ways To Use Seaweed For Beautiful Skin

Seaweed is also known as Marine Algae. It has been widely used in most of skin care products specially in south Asian countries. Most of us might have tried the sea weed facials and Spa in the salon. Seaweeds are nothing but the species of marine plants which grows in oceans and rivers. There are many types of seaweeds found in the world. Almost more than 10000. Most of people include it in their diet as well since it is vitamin K, calcium and iron. Brown , Red and Green Seaweeds are mostly being used for various purpose. It also contains Vitamin A and C. There are many health supplements in the market which claims to contain sea weed extracts. Since we know all the health benefits of Seaweed now, lets get to know how it can help to get beautiful skin also.

We Are Listing Down Few Methods To Include Seaweed In Your Skin Care Routine:

1. Revitalize Your Skin

Seaweed is rich in minerals, anti -oxidants, vitamins and amino acids which helps to improve the skin elasticity and give natural glow to it. You can treat your dull and lifeless skin by using the seaweed mask.You can make a paste of it with the help of a water and apply on your face to instantly rejuvenate your skin. It also hydrates your skin and exfoliate the dead skin cell.It is best to treat the damaged skin caused by harsh sun rays and pollution.

Revitalize Your Skin

2. Natural Sunscreen

Seaweeds are known for their sun defense mechanism and hence can be used to protect our skin as well. You can try seaweed extract enriched sunscreen products to get the results. It helps to prevent the signs of ageing and dark spots.

Natural Sunscreen

3. Anti Ageing Remedy

Seaweeds are widely used in various anti ageing treatments and products nowadays. It helps in skin cell regeneration which is great for premature ageing. Increased skin cell production helps to give you firm and toned skin. Specially the brown algae and Kelp are being used in anti ageing products. Start using the seaweed infused anti ageing products to see the difference .

Anti Ageing Remedy

4. Detoxify Your Skin

Sometimes our skin also needs detoxification to remove the toxins from its layers. Nowadays seaweeds wraps and masks are being used in various Spas to purify the skin from within. It penetrates into skin deeply and deep cleanses your skin by removing the impurities and toxins. This process helps in controlling the oil and sebum secretion. Apart from this it also helps to prevent the clogged pores and pimples.

Detoxify your skin

5. Pigmentation

Seaweeds are also effective in treating the skin discoloration and pigmentation. Due to anti oxidant properties it helps to reduce the redness and also maintains the PH balance of your skin. It also works on the dark spots and uneven skin tone.


6. Rosacea

Rosacea causes Redness, Skin Inflammation and swelling. Seasweeds are rich in Vitamin B and Anti Inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce the pooling of the blood under the skin which are the symptoms of rosacea. Seaweed enriched creams and ointments can be used to treat the same.



7. Fight Cellulite

Since Seaweeds helps in boosting the skin cell regeneration , it helps to treat the cellulite also. It helps to make skin firm and elastic. Due to its fatty acid content it also helps to boost the moisture content of your skin and prevent dryness.

Fight Cellulite