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8 Amazing Benefits Of Cranberry For Hair And Skin

Who doesn’t love this glossy red beery fruit. We love to sip its juice. It is rich in anti oxidants hence it is used in various health and skin care products. It helps to give relief from kidney stones, heart diseases, urinary infections and heart attacks. Apart from skin it is widely used in various hair products as well.

Lets Get To Know How Cranberries Can Help You To Get Healthy Skin And Hair:

1. Firm Skin

Cranberries is known as one of the citrus fruits. It is rich is vitamin C and anti oxidants. Hence it helps to boost collagen production. Collagen are known to carry the oxygen beneath the skin through blood vessels which results into soft, smooth and firm skin. Due to its anti inflammatory properties, it also helps to reduce the face redness if any.

Firm Skin

2. Anti Ageing

As we discussed above, cranberries are rich in vitamin C and anti oxidants which helps to promote new cell growth. It also neutralizes the free radicals which caused skin damage and premature ageing. Do include crane berries in your daily doses of fruits. You can also crushed few cranberries and apply it over your face as a face mask.

Anti Ageing

3. Acne

Cranberries do contain anti septic properties hence they are very effective while treating the acne. It helps to reduce the pimple size and redness. The vitamin C content helps to exfoliate the dead skin cell and fade acne marks. Include cranberries in your homemade face mask recipes to get the effective results on acne.


4. Lips

The Vitamin C Content of cranberries also helps to treat the dark and pigmented lips. It also helps to soften the dry and chapped lips. You can apply the crushed cranberries or cranberry juice on your lips regularly to get soft and pinkish lips. You can also prepare homemade Cranberry infused lip balm for daily usage.


5. Skin Toning

Cranberries are rich in enzymes as well which helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells and reveals fresh skin. It also helps to control the excessive oil secretion hence oily skin beauties should definitely include it in skin care routine. Due to its astringent properties it also helps to shrink the pores .

Skin Toning

6. Dandruff

Cranberries for Dandruff ? Strange isn’t it ? Due to its Anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties , Cranberries can be also used to treat the dandruff and itchy scalp. You can use the cranberries as a hair rinse. Chop few cranberries and put it in a water and boil it for few minutes. Stain it and use that water for your last hair rinse. You can also include shampoos which contains cranberries extracts. You can also use this hair rinse to dye your hair. It adds a temporary red tint on your hair and gives glossy look.


7. Hair Growth

Apart from Vitamin C Cranberries also contain Vitamin A which are known very essential nutrients for hair growth. Due to its anti oxidant properties it helps to repair the damaged hair follicles which results into healthy follicles. Healthy hair follicles are very essential for healthy hair growth. Hence Cranberries can be used to accelerate the hair growth. Apart from Hair Growth it also helps with treating the split ends.

Hair Growth

Do include Cranberry Products in your routine and in your diet to see the the visible difference in your hair and skin.