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8 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon Water can itself be one of the better food supplement at times and this article features eight of the best benefits upon drinking lemon water which can even pop out to be a lot helpful to the body.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water:

1. Anti-Cancer Compounds

Researches prove the fact that lemon itself has more than twenty anti-cancer compounds which even includes the naturally occurring ‘limonene’. This hormone can only be found in lemon and is known to slow down the pace of development of tumors. Also the glycosides present in the lemon are prominent to inhibit the rate of cell division of cancer cells in animals as well as humans.

Anti-Cancer Compounds

2. Anti-Bacterial Properties

In order to strengthen the belief that lemons do contain many anti-bacterial properties, many surveys have been undertaken by various scientists who indeed got to prove that certain brainstorming properties in the lemonade can even destroy the bacteria who is responsible for some deadly diseases like typhoid, cholera, etc. So, keeping this in mind, it’s always advisable to be quite aware of the fact that lemon juice can be one of the best available thing during illness.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

3. Scurvy Treatment

This might probably be one of the popular facts known to almost every reader as one gets to study about the disease during the schooling. Of course,the lack of vitamin C or scientifically L-Ascorbic Acid is the prime reason for the occurence of the disease. Under such cases, the patients are to be well-treated providing the diet which is rich in this vitamin. Under such cases, lemon juice can be the better than many other supplements as it’s almost a light drink which doesn’t get to burn your stomach much. Also the citric nature of lemon can be of high use to cure the disease as quick as possible.

Scurvy Treatment

4. Useful For Liver

One of the statements from the great Jethro Kloss reads ‘The lemon is a wonderful stimulant to the liver and is a dis solvent of uric acid and other poisons, liquefies the bile’ and also many scientists have even stated the same fact. hence it’s always preferable for the ones with mild or heavy liver problems to take a glass of lemon juice atleast once in two days and this habit can eventually restore the health condition to a normal mode.

Useful For Liver

5. Interaction

According to an esteemed organisation, lemon is probably the only food available that is anionic in nature. In other words, all the foods we consume the whole day are purely cationic and by consuming lemons which are of negative charge can take part in interaction with the positively charged food cations and help in generating a lot of desirable energy and make use of the entire food we get to intake.


6. Skin Benefits

As mentioned earlier in this article, lemon is indeed quite rich in Vitamin C which assists a lot in the production of collagen. This Collagen fiber actually helps a lot in maintaining the skin smoother and healthier than the usual. This is the reason why lemons are actually used in ‘Blackhead Treatment’ and reduce acne. They are even known to reduce dark spots on the skin, strengthen nails, whiten the teeth and get rid of the oily skin very fast than expected.

Skin Benefits

7. Immune System Nourishment 

Lemon is known to contain lots of potassium in it which are quite helpful in increasing the immunity levels of the body and even this quantity of potassium helps in nourishing the brain and nerve cells which is a lot required to a body during any active participation at some events.

Immune System Nourishment

8. Reduces Dehydration

Many doctors do suggest the patients to take a glass of lemon water during dehydration. This is because it helps in maintaining the body fluid levels apart from providing sufficient nutrients to the body during the time of illness.

Reduces Dehydration

Apart from the eight of the major benefits of lemon juices, there are even certain other uses of it such as it can tackle cases relating to indigestion, heartburn etc. Lemon juice can also be helpful in cases of respiratory infections and this fluid can even handle the situations of extreme depression and anxiety. Also it helps in aiding the bowel movement, keep the metabolism rate under control etc.

There are even some myths regarding lemon juices where it is actually considered to maintain the pH levels of the body. However, many researches were totally against this belief and hence it shouldn’t be taken for granted. The are also several myths about lemon juice where it is believed to reduce the body weight which is even disapproved by many of the scientists.

The lemon juice must be made in an appropriate way where it involves the mixing of water and lemon in some advisory quantities. In this context, the recipe of making a perfect healthy lemon juice is shared below.

  • Take a small pan and add two glasses of water.
  • Add  the desired amount of sugar and heat it in a gentle simmer until the sugar gets to dissolve completely.
  • Make sure that you don’t add sugar in excess and this cannot be recommended in all cases.
  • Also one can use salt for this purpose in place of sugar and all this solely depend on one’s own taste.
  • After getting the water sugared, take two lemons and make it into two halves on a cutting board.
  • Squeeze the lemons as much as possible and make sure that every drop gets in the water.
  • Stir it firmly and add ice cubes if required.

lemon juice making

In this manner two delicious glasses of lemon juice can be prepared simply without too much fuss about the quantity. Also it’s heavily advisable to take one glass of it every morning to keep your health levels in tone.

All in all, lemon juice can be counted among one of the best fluids which can get to tackle many health problems instantly. Also consuming it can pop out to be a lot worthy in the long run such as battling against cancer problems, keeping the immunity standards high etc.