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8 Best Facials For Every Bride To Be Should Try

We all know the importance of that big day in our life. We do every thing to look our best . From Home remedies to Salon Appointments. Just Everything. Facial is one of the important part of this preparation. Of course it gives that much needed glow to the bride so that she looks radiant and beautiful on that day. Facial helps to relax the skin muscles and also improves the blood circulation. It is also important to choose the facial according to your skin type or else it can cause you breakouts.

Here We Are Listing Down Few Types Of Facials Which You Can Choose According To Your Skin Type:

1. Facial With Essential Oils

We know the benefits of essential oils let it be grapeseed oil, tea tree oil or rosemary . Nowadays many essential oils are being used in aromatherapy facials. These facials are best for those who have dry and dehydrated skin. It helps to nourish and replenish your skin with essential moisture. Hence gives you soft and glowing skin.

 Facial With Essential Oils

2. Mud Facial

This type of facial is best for oily skin beauties since it contains Mud which deeply cleanses the skin and remove impurities. It can be also used by normal skin beauties as well since it works as a detoxification process of your skin. This facial is also great in terms of skin cell renewals

Mud Facial

3. Microdermabrasion Facial

This is very raved facial nowadays which is only performed by dermatologist. In this process the upper layer of the dead skin. These kind of facials work best if your have lifeless and dull skin . Microdermabrasion facial helps to remove the dead skin cell and reveal a fresh and glowing skin. You would need to book 2 to 3 sittings for this facial.

Microdermabrasion Facial

4. Fruit Facial

This type of facial is very common among us. Most of us opt for it regularly. Fruit facials works best on sensitive or allergic skin. Since most of the fruit pulps and extracts are being used in this facial, it helps to reveal the natural glow to the skin.

Fruit Facial

5. Chemical Peeling Facial

These facials are performed at the dermatologists since it involves peeling of your skin by using various facial acids. The upper layer of the skin is peeled by using the acids such as salicylic acid, Glycolic acid etc. This type of facial is very beneficial for pimple prone and blemished skin. Since it peels the skin it helps to remove the blemishes and dark spots.

Chemical Peeling Facial

6. Gel Facial

Gel based facials are excellent for Oily skin since most of the time oily skin beauties face the breakout after facial session. In gel based facial, the products which are used are water based. Hence it doesn’t cause breakouts.It also controls the oil secretion and give much needed glow to the skin.

Gel Facial

7. Paraffin Facial

This is very innovative kind of a facial wherein a paraffin based mask is applied on the skin which helps to hydrate the skin and reverse the signs of ageing if you have. This type of facial is best for those who are in their 30’s and has issue of sagging skin.

Paraffin Facials

8. Gold Facial

This is again a well known and most famous facials when it comes to bridal skin regimen. It claims to contains 24 carat gold particles in it which penetrates into the skin during the whole process. It helps in detoxification and renewal of the skin. It gives the perfect glow for your D-day .

Gold Facial