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8 Best Lysine Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

If you barely know about lysine, it is one of the most essential elements which are required to keep your body healthy and fit. Lysine is an amino acid which is not produced by human body and is absorbed from different foods which we eat. This is an essential mineral which helps in growth and development of the body an also helps in strengthening your immunity. If you normally suffer from different infections, the lysine rich foods will help you fight the infections quickly! Lysine helps in absorption of various nutrients in your body and also is effective in producing collagen! There are various harmful infection and disease which can affect our body and can be easily battled with lysine.

Here Are Some Foods Rich In Lysine Which You Must Include In Your Daily Diet:

1. Roasted Soya Beans

Soya beans are filled with different and rich nutrients which are extremely important for the body [1] . Here is an exciting reason to consume more soya beans. The soya beans are filled with protein and such nutrients which can help you maintain correct weight, fight various infections and lead healthy life. With a huge content of lysine and amino acids, this amazing food will help you keep healthy forever! Also you can substitute the soya beans with 1 cup soy milk which too has a high amount of lysine and can also fill you with different nutrients. Replace your regular milk with soya milk and you will love the results.

Soya Beans

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are multi benefit ingredients which can fight various issues and helps in absorption of nutrients [2] . It consists of about 60% lysine which is enough to keep your body protected ad healthy. You can consume 1 spoon pumpkin seeds daily and satisfy your body requirements of lysine with this single ingredient. Sprinkle the yummy pumpkin seeds on your salads, whole wheat breads, tacos, soups and make your meals more nourishing.

Pumpkin Seeds

3. Raw Eggs

If you love raw eggs, here is one more reason you will love it! Eggs are loaded with protein, calcium, iron, potassium, and such amazing nutrients which we require on the daily basis. But it is also loaded with lysine which produces amino acids and helps in fighting various diseases [3] . Thus consume 2-3 raw eggs with milk daily and fill your body with lysine!

Raw Eggs

4. Parmesan Cheese

Wondering how this amazing and delicious ingredient can give you lot of lysine? Parmesan cheese is the source of milk based protein which is full of lysine and amino acids [4] . With the highest content of lysine, this is the best food which you can eat f you want some lysine content in your diet! This amazing food will keep you away from disease and will also strengthen your immunity! Go for this amazing and delicious food and keep healthy!

Parmesan Cheese

5. Cooked Chicken Breast

If you love chicken, you will be happy to know that it can keep you away from various heart and kidney related disease! Chicken breast is loaded with a lot of lysine which will strengthen your body and make you feel awesome [5] . It consists of high amount of amino acids which can make your body super strong and keep you loaded with nutrients! Thus go for this food and increase the amount of lysine in your daily nutrition!

Cooked Chicken Breast

6. Lentils

Lentils are extremely important for your body [6] . Filled with protein and amazing nutrients, these amazing ingredients will give you some unbelievable amount of lysine which you need to stay helthy6. Just 1 cup lentils can fill you with protein and amino acids along with 624mg of lysine! Isn’t it a rich and marvelous source of lysine? Go for the lentils and fill your body with all the essential nutrients to stay healthy and fit!


7. Black Beans

Black beans are also a rich source of protein which can nourish your body and load you with amazing nutrients [7] . With rice and quinoa, you can consume boiled or cooked black beans and consume all the nutrients which are supplied from this amazing ingredient. Eat black beans and with each sup, get more protein and lysine. Thus, you can consume some black beans and stay healthy!

Black Beans

8. Pistachios

If you love this amazing dried fruit, you must consume it more as these flawless light green shaded nuts are loaded with nutrients [8] . Your body always craves nutrients and pistachios are the amazing source of protein, lysine and such helpful nutrients. Just a handful of these nuts can fill your body with required amount of lysine and protein which can nourish your body. Thus consume more pistachios and replace your snacks with this healthy nut for staying healthy!