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8 DIY Anti-ageing Matcha Green Tea Face Masks

Matcha green tea has quite recently garnered acclaim as an ideal anti-ageing ingredient and has sneaked into the beauty grocery list of many natural skin care experts. Unlike green tea, which comes in whole leaf form and has to be brewed in boiling water, the matcha variety comes in powdered form which is mixed in hot water and consumed wholly without any need to strain it. Matcha tea is processed after keeping the live leaves away from sunlight for a few days which helps in preserving all the nutrients present in the leaves including chlorophyll, a pigment that gives the tea a bright green hue.

Chlorophyll helps the skin maintain its youth by ebbing away any pollutants accumulated on skin’s surface. It is claimed that the anti-oxidant content of matcha tea is found to be ten times higher when compared to green tea. Some other nutrients that make it an excellent anti-ageing ingredient are polyphenols, vitamins A and C, potassium and caffeine. Applying Matcha Tea powder to your skin is a good way to protect it from the effects of ageing and other skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation and blemishes.

Here Is A List Of Eight Anti-ageing Face Masks Made From Matcha Green Tea:

1. Matcha Green Tea And Avocado Face Mask:

This facial mask is incredibly uplifting for severely dry and wrinkle prone skin in need of instant replenishment. Avocado is densely packed with omega fatty acids, retinol and vitamin E which helps in bolstering skin’s cell regeneration process. When it is combined with matcha green tea powder, the anti-ageing benefits double fold thereby making your skin look youthful and supple.

Mix two teaspoons of matcha green tea powder with three tablespoons of mashed avocado. Apply this mixture generously all over your face. Allow the mask to work on your skin for twenty minutes and then wipe it off with a wet tissue. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply a soothing anti-ageing face serum.

Matcha Green Tea And Avocado Face Mask

2. Matcha Green Tea And Cantaloupe Face Mask:

This is another extremely hydrating anti-ageing mask suitable for all skin types. Cantaloupes are particularly rich in vitamins A, E, B and K which play a pivotal role in protecting your skin from harmful effects of free radicals and therefore makes for a perfect addition to matcha green tea mask.

Mix three tablespoons of freshly pureed cantaloupe with two teaspoons of matcha tea powder. Cover your entire face with this rejuvenating mask and wait for twenty minutes before wiping it off. Rinse your face and follow up by dabbing a few drops of anti-ageing serum.

Matcha Green Tea And Cantaloupe Face Mask

3. Match Green Tea And Honey Face Mask:

This Matcha Tea Mask with pure acacia honey is great for acne-prone skin. Honey is an age old remedy to fight free radical skin damage as it’s a powerful source of age-defying anti-oxidants. When combined with matcha tea powder, honey’s sticky texture helps the skin benefit from the anti-ageing compounds present in the tea by holding it close to skin’s surface.

To make the mask, mix a table spoon of honey with two teaspoons of matcha powder and blend well. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water and dab on a couple of drops of anti-ageing face serum.

 Match Green Tea And Honey Face Mask

4. Matcha Green Tea And Aloe Vera Face Mask:

An acclaimed natural elixir for skin, aloe vera is another power packed anti-ageing compound which you can use in conjunction with matcha tea powder to make your skin look youthful. Aloe vera gel helps in soothing fine lines and other conditions that are caused by skin’s ageing process by restoring moisture and elasticity on it’s surface. Squeeze one and a half tablespoon of aloe vera gel straight from its leaves.

Transfer the gel in a bowl and add three teaspoons of matcha tea powder to make a thick paste and coat your face with this mask and allow it to dry for fifteen minutes. Wash it off and follow it by applying an anti ageing facial cream.

 Matcha Green Tea And Aloe Vera Face Mask

5. Matcha Green Tea And Egg Yolk Face Mask:

Both egg white and egg yolk are packed with age-defying nutrients and make for a wonderful ingredient to be added in matcha tea mask. People with oily skin should prefer adding egg white in their age-defying mask as it has less fat content but is equally effective in dealing with wrinkles. Egg yolk is suitable for dry skin as it instantly moisturises the skin due to it’s high fat content.

Beat an egg white or egg yolk with matcha green tea powder and apply the mask on your entire face. Let it stay on your face for fifteen minutes. remove the mask with a towellete dipped in warm water. Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and moisturize with an anti-ageing cream.

Matcha Green Tea And Egg Yolk Face Mask

6. Matcha Green Tea And Kiwifruit Face Mask:

This matcha tea mask with kiwifruit is a perfect solution to rejuvenate dull and ageing skin. Kiwifruit is loaded with vitamin c, which is needed by our skin to boost collagen production and makes the skin elastic and supple. Mash one ripe kiwi and mix it with one tablespoon of powdered matcha tea.

Slather this mask mixture all over your face and let it stay for fifteen minutes. Remove the mask and cleanse your face with a light cleanser and moisturize your skin with a light moisturiser.

Matcha Green Tea And Kiwifruit Face Mask

7. Matcha Green Tea And Almond Milk Face Mask:

Almonds have a high vitamin A content which is a prime source of retinol, the star anti-ageing ingredient that is widely used in many anti-ageing potions, vitamin B and copper which speeds up collagen formation in skin and makes it super soft.

To make the mask, soak seven to eight almonds in half a cup of milk for eight hours. Grind the almonds with milk and strain the mixture to get almond milk. Add three teaspoons of matcha green tea powder to this and coat your entire face with a thin film of this concoction. Remove the mask after twenty minutes and rinse your face with warm water. Moisturize your face with a hydrating serum.

 Matcha Green Tea And Almond Milk Face Mask

8. Matcha Green Tea And Spinach Face Mask:

This facial mask is great for skin that remains exposed to environmental pollutants, a leading cause of pre-mature skin ageing next to harmful sun rays. The high amount of chlorophyll found in both Matcha tea and spinach wards off toxin accumulation on skin’s surface. Spinach is packed with retinol, which helps in slowing skin’s ageing process and makes it a perfect ingredient to be added in anti-ageing face mask. Grind a bunch of raw spinach leaves into a fine paste.

Mix this paste with two teaspoons of powdered matcha tea and coat your face evenly with this mask. Allow the mask to stay on your face for twenty minutes and then wash off. Dab two to three drops of hydrating facial serum on your face.

 Matcha Green Tea And Spinach Face Mask


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