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8 Diy Ways to Lower Sugar Craving In Diabetes


Diabetes is Starting to Afflict Earlier than Ususal Due to Unhealthy Eating habits, Irregularity in  Exercise and Hectic lifestyle. Any Craving  for Junk Food, Processed food can Increase One’s Addiction boosting Sugar craving.  Sugar Craving poses grave which threat in Diabetes and Heart Disease. Sugar is Carbohydrate Necessary even in Small amount for Instantly Boosting energy when there is Sudden dip in Sugar level. Excess sugar in body Impacts anything from Heart to Lungs and Instantly Spikes Blood sugar making one More prone to Diabetes. Sugar also has Serotonin and Endorphin which Stimulate and Elevate Brain’s feel good Factor and Calms Mind.

Its Important to Control Sugar intake and Reduce its Craving which has Proven Advantageous in Enhancing Heart health, Reducing and  Sustaining Healthy Blood Sugar and Lowering Diabetes. Right Diet and Active lifestyle can  Limit Diabetes Progression till some Extent if not stop it. A Diet Rich in Fruits, vegetables, Dairy, Fiber and Whole grain food are good In Curbing Sugar Consumption.

Few Vital Tips For Overcoming Sugar Craving:

1. Limiting Processed Food:

Most Processed foods have high Sugar and Salt without any Nutrients. Any food High in Sugar, Fat affects Health adversely by Increasing Blood sugar and Insulin which  contributes to Diabetes, Heart Attack, Sudden weight gain. A minimised Consumption of Processed Food can lead to Healthy Weight management,  Lessen Sugar Craving beneficial in Reducing Diabetes and Supplying Nutriensts and Good cholestrol in Body. Its best to Buy and cook Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Limiting Processed Food

2. Choosing Healthy Snacks:

Snacks, Inbetween Meals can Keep check on Instant hunger as well as Boost Energy. Chips, Fried food, Cookies are Common Snacks which are easily available but it doesnt have Nutrients and is High in Sugar which Elevates Sugar’s Appetite rather than Suppresing it. Any Snacks sans Nutrients affects Body’s Capability in Weight Management and Ups Risk of Obesity, Diabetes, High Triglyceride which Affects Arteries and Heart Health. Its good to Substitute Snacks like Chips with Dry fruits, Low fat Yogurt and Fruits for Lowering sugar Craving and Manage Heart and Weight.

Choosing Healthy Snacks.

3. Eating More Fruits:

Most Bakery products, Drinks and Snacks are Loaded in sugar which Adeversely affects Health and Sugar Craving. Fruits are Alkaline in Nature and Naturally rich in Sugar, Nutrients. These qualities makes it Good in Decreasing Sugar craving, Boosting Energy, Curbing Diabetes, Obesity, Limiting Fat deposits beneficial in Managing Weight and Heart disease. 3-5 Varieties of Fruits are Must in Diet.

Eating More Fruits.

4. Curbing Aerated Drinks:

Most Cold Drinks use Excess Sugar and added Sweetener for Enhancing its taste. High sugar can Increase Sugar Craving which is Resposible for  Excess weight Gain and Increases chances of Heart Disease, Stroke, Spikes Triglyceride levels making one more Prone to Diabetes . Water, Low caloried and Sugar free Drinks should be Taken more than Cold drinks for Living Disease free life.

Curbing Aerated Drinks.

5. Consuming Nutrition Rich Food:

All Foods are Abundant in protein, Fiber, Mineral and Nutrients. Protein is Building block and Essential at every Age. Fiber enriched Food Gives feeling of  Fullness and Decreases Blood sugar’s movement in Body. It has become Necessity to Consume Fruits and Vegetables rich in Nutrients which Manages weight  and Aides in Reducing Blood Sugar, Limiting Heart Disease’s risk and Lowering blood Sugar, Lessening Sugar craving.

Consuming Nutrition Rich Food

6. Reducing Artificial Sweetener:

Most Desserts and Drinks have Artificial Sweeteners. Sweeteners are Good Taste Enhancers for Making Food more Appealing. A healthy Sugar level can Curb or Restrict sugar Craving, Lower Obesity, Reduce High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Heart disease. Its good to Avoid such Drinks and Food from Diet.

Reducing Artificial Sweetener

7. Eating at Regular Intervals:

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are most Important meals of Day. Fibers, Fruits, Vegetables and Nutrients are Integral part of healthy food system. These aide in Elongating life, Boosting Disease resistance, Promoting Weight loss and Decreasing Sugar craving over Time. A research shows Eating every 3-5 hours in Smaller Quantity  enhances Chances of Overcoming Sugar cravings and Reducing Constant hunger pangs. Small Meals Enriched in Fiber and other nutrients slows down digestion giving feeling of Fullnes therfore no Overeating. This also Induces weight loss in Obesity, Sustains Healthy Blood Sugar, lowers Diabetes and Gives Healthy heart in Diabetes. Food should be taken everyday at Same time for Making it a Habit.

Eating at Regular Intervals

8. Getting Proper Sleep:

It is Important to sleep for 6-8 hours and Maintain Same pattern Everyday. A good Sleep is Known Good health Booster as well as Appetite Stimulator which essentially Limits Sugar intake in form of Processed foods and Drinks. New study has suggested During Sleep, Body can Lower Ghrelin, Hormone which is responsible for Increasing Sugar craving and Allowing Overeating.

Getting Proper Sleep

Diabetes Care needs Balanced Sugar Levels in Body for Boosting Quality of life and Heart.These steps are Must if one wants to Prolong life even in Diabetes.