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8 Effective Home Remedies For Stye

Effective Home Remedies For Stye

A stye, scientifically known as a hordeolum, is a condition where the oil glands of the eyelids are severely affected. This can result in the formation of red bumps on the eyelids. Usually it forms around the eyelash region. It can cause irritations, itchiness and pain. As time passes abscess or pus can form within the bumps. The main microbe behind this issue is staphylococcal bacteria. The reasons for the occurrence of styes are the built up of dirt or debris, excessive usage of makeup, blockage of unwanted fragments and dead skin cells in the glands and infection caused by bacteria. Styes can lasts for seven days but people with low immune system or resistance level may take a longer time. It can even spread to the neighboring follicles. Other factors which can contribute to this issue are a condition called blepharitis, stress and depression, lack of cleanliness and hormonal fluctuations. You may visit a dermatologist for this problem. Instead follow some home remedies which are free from side effects and natural.

Here Is A List Of Easy And Simple Homemade Solutions For Stye:

1. Bread Poultice:

Prepare a warm bread poultice and apply it directly on the stye [1]. Allow it to dry off before rinsing with water. This remedy is beneficial in eliminating the infection and infection causing agent. Follow this therapy habitually to get optimal results.

Bread Poultice

2. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea is not only useful for this problem but is valuable for our overall health [2]. Drink lots of fresh chamomile tea since it can boost our immune system. This is necessary to fight against bacteria and other microbes that causes stye.

Chamomile Tea

3. Lavender or Tea Tree Oil:

These two ingredients are famously used in numerous home remedies especially in aromatherapies [3] . Mix equal amounts of these oils and use a cotton ball to gently dab them on the corners of the eyelash or on the affected area. Be careful in preventing contact with the eyes. This remedy can sooth the inflamed skin and can reduce the puffiness of skin as well. Do this often to get improvements.

Lavender or Tea Tree Oil

4. Poke Root:

Increase the intake of poke root which can strengthen our immune system [4]. This is essential to fight back and destroy the disease causing germs and bacteria. This is useful especially if you suffer from recurrent stye.

Poke Root

5. Epsom Salt:

Take a teaspoonful of epsom salt and mix it with hot water[5]. Wash your eyes with this solution. Make sure your eyes are closed during washing. Then rinse again with cool water. This process can alleviate pain. At the same time, epsom salt can wash out the bacteria in your eye region as it contains the ability to cure infections.

Epsom Salt

6. Marigold Tincture:

Marigold tincture is beneficial for this issue [6]. It can be applied directly on the stye. For best results, intake of marigold is recommended as this solution can improve your immune system which can result in better resistance against bacteria.

Marigold Tincture

7. Clove:

This spice can be used to treat stye related problems [7]. Take a clove and rub it in water. Apply this water over the eyes. Try this out when you suffer from acute pain as it can give instant relief. Clove is a special spice which is used in many homemade therapies.


8. Date Seed:

Date seed is another natural ingredient for remedying stye [8]. Rub a seed obtained from date in water and apply it over the eyes. Do this on a frequent manner to get favorable end result. Seeds of dates contain high amounts of nutrients beneficial for our eyes and skin.

Date Seed