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8 Effective Natural Remedies For Sciatic Pain

Sciatica is a very complex problem which causes severe pain on the body of its victim as their sciatic nerve gets compressed due to factors like slipped disc or any sort of spinal injury. Other causes of sciatica includes spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, spinal infection and piriformis syndrome that becomes complex with passage of time. Sciatica is usually accompanied by the symptoms like difficulty in standing or sitting, weakness on legs and tingling of leg while walking or even sitting. Sciatica usually targets one part of the body but the pain of that part is unbearable for its sufferer. However, the pain of sciatica from rear portion of the thighs to the down part of the legs.

Here Are Some Effective Natural Remedies For Sciatic Pain:

1. Use Hot Or Cold Compress:

You can try either hot compress or cold compress method to ease your sciatica pain and inflammation [1] . If you prefer hot compress then you need to keep warm towel soaked with warm water to affected area for 15 minutes whereas in cold compress method, you need to keep a few cubes of ice in a cotton cloth on sciatic affected area. Both of them are equally effective in compressing the sciatic nerve thereby reducing inflammation, swelling and pain on sciatic area.

 Hot Or Cold Compress

2. Do Exercises:

Exercise is the best remedy to get rid of inflammation and pain of sciatica as it provides utmost strength to the abdominal and back muscles that aids in quick recovery from pain [2] . Stretching of knees followed by stretching of chest will make your lower back more flexible thereby giving you relief from irritation and painful sensation of sciatica. Other exercises like backblock, knees rocking, yoga poses like pigeon pose or cat cow poses are also very effective in removing symptoms and pain of sciatica.


3. Capsaicin Cream:

Capsaicin found in Cayenne pepper is also an amazing analgesic and antioxidant which is highly rich in superb pain relieving properties [3] . You can buy cream having Capsaicin as its main ingredient from the market and then massage your sciatica affected area in every 4 hours daily with that cream for a week so that the pain signal gets completely removed from affected nerves.

Capsaicin Cream

4. Consume Turmeric:

Turmeric is an amazing antioxidant which is highly rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can numb the nerve pain fast [4] . Presence of a compound named ‘curcumin’ in turmeric works well in reducing the inflammation of sciatic nerves. You can intake turmeric with milk by mixing 1 teaspoon of turmeric in a cup of hot milk followed by adding a few drops of honey to it so as to make the drink healthy for easing sciatic pain and inflammation.


5. Massage With Sesame Oil:

Massaging therapy is very beneficial in giving fast relief from inflammation and pain of sciatica nerve thereby giving relaxation to the muscle spasm [5] . You need to massage your affected area with 1 cup of sesame oil mixed with 3 tsp of nutmeg powder followed by heating the mixture before applying it on your body. Massaging of sciatic nerves with this mixture offers warmth and reduces inflammation aroused due to sciatica pain.

Sesame Oil

6. Consume Valerian:

Valerian roots are also very effective in easing discomfort of sciatic pain and inflammation due to the presence of effective natural herbs in it [6] . Valerian roots contain some very special volatile oils that offer relaxation to the muscles and eases discomfort while sleeping. You can consume Valerian in form a Valerian tea prepared by mixing 1 cup of boiled eater in a tsp of dried valerian roots followed by drinking the tea for at least 3 times a day for 15 days regularly for making your sciatica nerves free from inflammation and unbearable pain. Alternatively, you can also eat 3 tablets having natural Valerian as its main ingredients for easing your discomfort caused by sciatica pain.


7. Use Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seeds are also very rich in anti-inflammatory properties and pain relieving characteristics that can remove the sciatica pain from its root cause. You only need to consume boiled fenugreek seeds with a cup of milk to soothe rheumatoid arthritis [7] . Alternatively, you can also apply the mushy paste of fenugreek powder mixed with 1 cup milk on affected sciatic nerves followed by its washing after 15-20 minutes with cold water so as to reduce inflammation of sciatica.

Fenugreek Seeds

8. Go For Acupuncture Therapy:

If you want to attain long time relief from sciatica then acupuncture therapy will be an ideal option for you [8] . Acupuncture therapy makes the muscles relax and keeps the nerves of nervous system calm thereby changing the perception of sciatica pain. However, you must hire a professional acupuncturist for this remedy to avoid any inconvenience in your therapy.

 Acupuncture Therapy