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8 Eye Healthy Food Extremely Good In Improving Vision

It is important to care about eyes from youth till old age to maintain optimum vision. Everyone wants to learn ways to prolong and improve eyesight. Advent of technology in laptop and smart phone is good but any overexposure to these may impact eye. Today maximum work and time is done on these devices which may deteriorate vision.

Healthy habits like stepping away from computers for few minutes after few hours of working on laptop can soothe eye. This and incorporation of vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and minerals can strenghen vision enhancement in eye deficiency. Its suggested having more beta carotene, eye exercises are best ways to support eye and lower cataracts and macular degeneration’s risk. A proper diet and exercise thus become essential in diet.

Best Eye Enriching Food Eesential At Every Age:

1. Broccoli:

Vegetables are best available and natural source of nutrients [1]. Broccoli is not only abundant in vitamin a, c, e but also lutein and zeaxanthin giving broccoli special powers. Vitamin c and e have antioxidantal properties which are highly effective in reducing oxidation giving healthy eye tissues and slowing down macular degeneration. Broccoli’s vitamin a has proven beneficial in imparting vision repairing as well as strengthening it. Broccoli is also low in calorie which lowers weight which may play role in affecting vision.

Essential Point– This healthy vegetable fosters ground for lessening eye sight problems. Broccoli superpower makes it good health food.


2. Carrot:

Carrot is good eye friendly food having immense benefits for eye [2]. Beta carotene, Lutein, zeaxanthin are present in abundan in carrot . Beat carotene plays vital role in forming vitamin a which gives  healthy eye, curbs cellular damage and reduces macular degeneration. A study shows beta carotene is excellent in improving vision in low light by enriching eye’s light absorbing capability. Lutein and zeaxanthin also have similar effects like beta carotene in bettering eye health and reducing cataract formation.

Essential Point– Beta carotene is known vision enricher and it makes sense to eat more carrot. Carrot can be taken as salad or in form of soup or juice for giving eye best possible benefits which strenghten vision in long run.


3. Egg:

Egg has nutrients which can be good in eye health maintanance [3]. Zinc is abundant in eggs which aides in making melanin. Retina has most zinc making egg good in enriching vision in vision impairment. Its very effective in bettering eyesight, night vision and reducing macular degeneration by managing retina. Zinc can aide lutein and zeaxanthin in working efficiently in overcoming vision impairment.

Essential Point – Egg is filling food which acts as energy provider. These potent qualities makes egg vital in diet. Some people cant tolerate egg so its better  to have own judgement before eating egg.


4. Kale:

A leafy vegetable having health beneficiary qualities for anything from heart to eye [4]. Kale has vitamin c, e, lutein, zeaxanthin. Being rich in vitamin a as well as gives kale antioxidant like qualities which is known oxidation eliminator. Vitamin a also optimises vision, overcomes vision clouding and lowers cataract development.  Kale can also reduce frequency of eye diseases which is synonymous with poor eye sight.

Essential Point– Kale is most vital vegetable for eye. Any vegetable having such potential can never be ignored.


5. Salmon:

Salmon is not only good for heart but also for eyes [5]. Salmon has dha and epa which is  beneficial in  managing retina forming barrier over glaucoma and dry eye symptom. Dha and epa are good variant of omega 3 fatty acids hence essential in everyday diet.

Essential Idea -Food benefitting heart, eye and overall health sustains healthy life. This new finding gives more reason to increase frequency of fish consumption.


6. Spinach:

Spinach is from same family as kale hence holds similar properties [6]. Its similar in every manner but it has more of lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamin c and e than kale. Most vitamin c is found in eye fluids and spinach may shield it against cataracts, regulate vision, Keeps vision impairment away which in turn gives 20 20 vision. Spinach is ideal food

Essential Point– A vegetable which has power to strengthe eye for life is must in everyone’s list.


7. Sweet Potato:

This rare vegetable is sweet in taste unlike normal potatoes [7]. Sweet potato has abunance of beta carotene more than any othe vegetable. Its oranage colour increases its efficiency in boosing vision and retaining healthy eye for life. Sweet potato is must in diet focusing on improving vision.

Essential Point– Dark coloured fruits and vegetables are more advantageus than regular vegetables. These impart qualities downplaying and combating side affects of vision ailments.

Sweet Potatoes

8. Red Bell Pepper:

Bell peppers or capsicum comes in green, yellow and red colour [8]. Red coloured bell pepper has more benefits as it has more of  vitamin a, beta carotene, c and e. Every body part needs proper blood flow to promote healing. Red bell pepper can elevate blood flow in eyes giving better enhanced vision in vision impairment and reducing cataract in old age.

Essential Point– Its best if red coloured capsicum is chosen over other colours.

Red bell pepper

Its clear now that its easy to care for one’s eyes when balanced and nutrition rich diet are incorporated in lifestyle. Eye care at right time can curtail chances of vision impairment and eye dieases which may result in Complete vision loss. Best health is only possible if more attention is towards right food rather than eating for pleasure.