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8 Food Hacks That Help Your Health

Food Hacks That Help Your Health

We all know that it is important to eat right in order to keep that body healthy. Healthy and nutritious diet is essential for a hale and hearty body and mind. It is not just general well being for which food is important; some foods are even found to have an impact on the general health and are beneficial in keeping away other health issues like bad breath, gas etc.

Mentioned Below Are 8 Such Foods That Help Your Health:

Kiwi To Treat Insomnia:

Stressful and hectic life results in insomnia or lack of sleep. Kiwi fruit contains antioxidants and serotonin which induces sleep. Oxidative stress and low levels of serotonin are some of the common reasons for insomnia and kiwi fruit helps fight it. Therefore regular consumption of kiwi fruit is found to reduce the problem of lack of sleep.

Kiwi To Treat Insomnia

Salmon To Treat Acne:

Foods that are rich in omega3 fatty acids are very useful in controlling acne attacks. If you are suffering from acne and eat non vegetarian food then there is good news for you. Salmon contains large amount of omega3 fatty acid and helps in the treatment of acne. Preferably have it steamed rather than fried.

Salmon To Treat Acne

Yogurt For Bad Breath:

Yogurt has plenty of good bacteria in the form of lactobacillus and streptococcus thermophilus which help in fighting the bad bacteria and do away with the hydrogen sulphide which is the main cause of bad breath. So next time avoid the embarrassment caused by bad breath by simply having unsweetened yogurt.

Yogurt For Bad Breath

Pumpkin Seeds For Headaches:

It is believed that one of the primary causes of headaches is magnesium deficiency. Therefore eating foods that are rich in magnesium will surely help in getting rid of headaches. Pumpkin seeds contain large amount of magnesium (almost 150 mg magnesium in one cup) .So have pumpkin seeds to keep headaches away.

Pumpkin Seeds For Headaches

Ginger For Inflammation And Pain:

Ginger has compounds which have anti inflammatory and analgesic properties and hence helps in reducing pains, inflammation, soreness and swelling. Having ginger tea on a regular basis helps in reducing the pains and inflammation. You can also chew fresh ginger if you like the taste or try to inculcate ginger in your daily diet.

Ginger For Inflammation And Pain

Peppermint For Gas Problems:

Mint is effective on the gastrointestinal tract. It helps in reducing gastric problems like gas and bloating. Have mint on a regular basis to reduce any problems like inflammation and gas in the GI tract.

Peppermint For Gas Problems

Dark Chocolate For Stress Related Issues:

It has been found that increase when a person is under stress the level of stress hormone cortisol increases. Dark chocolate is found to reduce the level of this stress hormone and thus helps in controlling stress and hypertension. So treat yourself to dark chocolate to keep stress away.

Dark Chocolate For Stress Related Issues

Legumes To Lower Cholesterol:

Legumes and lentils have high amount of fiber. As we know fiber is useful in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and also helps to keep diseases related to the cardiovascular system away. Make it a point to include legumes in your daily meals in order to control the cholesterol levels.

Legumes To Lower Cholesterol

These readily available delicious foods are surely one of the best ways of keeping issues related to health at bay. Have them on a regular basis to keep common health related issues away and lead a healthy and happy life.