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8 Easy Home Remedies For Colic In Babies

Home Remedies For Colic In Babies

Colic is an irritating condition which causes distress and unexplained crying in an otherwise healthy, well-fed baby. Colic in babies is really frustrating and the babies cry for more than three hours a day, three days per week or longer. This is a distressing condition for both the mother and the baby. However, this is really not a serious condition to worry and it is often short lived for a month or so.
Crying and fussing are often seen among infants, but the symptoms of colic are quite unpredictable. Some of the symptoms you can observe are intense crying periods for a few minutes or for hours, crying for no reason, and at the end of this your baby might pass gas or have bowel movements etc. Infants often cry when they are hungry, but colic is slightly different.

Some of the causes behind colic are allergies, lactose intolerance etc. You can treat this condition by following a few home remedies.

Below Is The List Of The Top 8 Home Remedies For Colic In Babies:


Mint has antispasmodic compounds that help in reducing intestinal spasms in babies who suffer from colic.

How To Use

Take a tbsp. of dried mint leaves and add them to a cup. You need to fill it with a cup of boiling water and later cover it. Steep for 10 minutes and then strain it. Feed this concoction to your baby when it is warm. You can pour this concoction into your baby’s bottle. Even breastfeeding mothers can drink a cup of tea. Follow this remedy until it is no longer needed.


Warm Bath:

A warm bath can help in soothing your baby and can induce sleep. This remedy is effective in treating colic in babies. For better results, add a few drops of lavender oil to the bathtub filled with warm water. Massage the tummy area of your baby gently. Follow this remedy whenever your baby is suffering from colic pain.

Warm Bath

Gripe Water:

Gripe water is considered as an amazing remedy when it comes to treating colic pain, gas troubles, and other intestinal problems in your baby.

How To Use

Gripe water is an infusion prepared by using few ingredients such as ginger, fennel, chamomile, caraway, dill, and peppermint. All these ingredients are effective in treating intestinal, gas, and stomach problems. A spoon of gripe water mixed with water can be fed to the baby to ease the colic pain.

Gripe Water


Asafetida is considered as an anti-flatulent. It helps in relieving gas and enhances digestion. Asafetida is considered amazing in treating colic pain in infants.

How To Use

Add a pinch of asafoetida in a small bowl containing 5-10ml water. Slightly heat it and let it cool. Use this solution to rub the tummy of your baby. Follow this treatment several times a day until it is no longer needed. For babies who started consuming solid foods, add a pinch of asafetida in their food before feeding them. Also, nursing mothers can add a pinch of asafetida to a glass of warm milk and consume it warm.


Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds are considered effective in treating colic in babies. It helps relieve gas and other intestinal discomforts.

How To Use

Add a tbsp. of crushed fennel seeds to a pan filled with a cup of water. Allow it to boil for a few minutes. Strain it and let it cool. You can give a half tbsp. of this concoction thrice a day to your baby. Also, nursing mothers can drink this concoction twice a day.

Fennel Seeds


Yogurt is a great source of probiotics and helps in treating colic in babies which are caused due to discomfort in the stomach.

How To Use

Feed your baby with a teaspoon of yogurt which helps in improving intestinal health by feeding the good bacteria inside the gut, thus improving immunity and digestion as well. If the colic pain occurs due to lactose intolerance then you need to switch to soy products such as soymilk.


Oil Massage:

Oil massaging around the tummy of your baby helps in relieving gas and other intestinal cramps caused due to colic.

How To Use

Take some warm coconut oil and massage your baby’s tummy in the clockwise direction. Follow this massage therapy regularly to treat colic in babies.

Oil Massage

Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile has antispasmodic and sedative compounds that help in relieving pain caused due to intestinal cramping. It even helps in inducing relaxation.

How To Use

Fill a pan with a cup of water and add a chamomile tea bag to it. Instead, you can add dried chamomile flowers. You can feed your baby with a teaspoon of warm chamomile tea twice a day. Also, nursing mothers can drink chamomile tea regularly. Follow this remedy twice a day to get relief from this condition.

Chamomile Tea