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8 Homemade Hydrating Masks For Sensitive Skin

8 Homemade Hydrating Masks For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin tends to react with several ingredients and hence it needs regular care. It needs to be clean and free from pollution since it is easily prone to reactions. Sensitive skin often looks dry, dull and tired – thus it needs regular care. These hydrating masks can be prepared at home with some simple ingredients which are easily available. The best part is you do not have to spend a great deal of money or worry about how your skin is going to react. This is completely natural and results are assured. Try all of these masks or any one of them and you will feel the difference it makes on your skin.

Prepare Skin Hydrating Masks At Home

Buttermilk Mask

To prepare this hydrating natural mask, you need a cup of buttermilk and flower blossoms at least three tablespoons. Start by adding flower blossoms in the buttermilk for that additional fragrance. Heat this mixture for at least 20 minutes over low flame. Let this solution cool down and apply this on your sensitive clean. This mask is very effective in cleaning your skin pores and offers glowing and fair skin instantly.


Strawberry Moisturizing

To prepare this mask you will need some fresh strawberries and raw honey. You will need some mayonnaise and some drops of lavender essential oil which is good for the skin. You need to combine all ingredients and apply this on your face. You should avoid the eye area as this area is quite sensitive. Once you apply the mask, relax for at least 30 minutes and then rinse using warm water. This mask is rich in vitamin C. It will help in hydrating your skin, remove dead skin cells and offer a natural glow to your skin.


Milk Hydration

Milk is totally hydrating for the skin. To prepare this facial mask, you need at least three tablespoons of milk, one tablespoon of lemon juice and some turmeric. Mix all these ingredients and prepare a mask. You can wash this using cold water for getting a natural fairness and amazing glow. This mask is effective in moisturizing or hydrating the skin.


Yogurt Mask

You need one cup of natural yogurt which is cold ( this will make it thick and creamy and half a cup of oatmeal. Apply this fresh yogurt on your sensitive skin and let it dry on its own. This will leave your skin rejuvenated and fresh. It is also helpful in reducing wrinkles caused due to excessive skin dryness.

yogurt mask

Banana Mask

You will need a ripe banana for this mask, especially suitable for sensitive skin. Mash the bananas well and apply this on your sensitive skin. If you wish to make a dense pack, you can add some cold yogurt. Let this mask remain on your face for at least 15 minutes. You can rinse this off using cold water. You can also massage the skin with ice cubes. Banana application helps in hydrating the skin and softens rough skin.

Banana Mask For Oily Skin

Acai Berry Mask

To prepare this mask, you will need half a cup of acai slush, some sugar, two teaspoons Acai powder, some olive oil and some fresh berries as per your choice and availability ( raspberries, blueberries or blackberries). These berries are a good source of polyphenols which is a popular antioxidant. It fights skin dullness, reduces wrinkles and also minimizes pores. The combination of sugar and olive oil works as a scrub while the berries help in hydrating the skin and offers it a fresh glow.

acai berry

Watermelon Cucumber Mask

Watermelon and cucumber work best as hydrating agents for the skin. This pack is best suited for acne prone skin or sensitive skin with eruptions. To prepare this mask, you will need two tablespoons watermelon juice, two tablespoon cucumber juice, milk powder and some yogurt. The ingredients need to be mixed well and applied on the face. Watermelon helps in removing blemishes and marks from the skin, while hydrating it naturally from inside. This face mask works wonders for the skin and is a natural way to achieving naturally glow skin.

Cucumber Yogurt Mask

Lemon Banana Mask

Bananas are rich in vitamin C which helps in removing marks, rashes and blemishes. It is effective in treating rashes which is one of the main problems of sensitive skin. To prepare this mask, mash one fresh banana and mix it with honey. You can add some drops of lemon juice which works to remove rashes. This pack helps in hydrating the skin, promotes healthy oil production and helps in giving a fresh, glowing look. Regular application of the mask, helps in reducing skin infections and rashes while it moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

banana and lemon