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8 Shocking Side Effects Of Cloves


Cloves are loaded with medicinal values. Cloves act as an antiviral and antibacterial agent. Clove oil can be applied topically in order to prevent the development of bacteria. Cloves add strong aroma to the dishes. Healing properties of cloves are quite popular. Regular consumption of cloves offers countless health benefits. Cloves are active ingredients in many toothpastes, soaps, perfumes and cosmetics. Cloves are widely used as flavoring agents in most of the food products and beverages. Cloves are in use since ages for treating various health disorders. Cloves are highly effective in treating sore throats, bad breath, flatulence and diarrhea. Consuming cloves also impact negatively in rare cases. There are few side effects of consuming cloves.

Here We Are Sharing With You The Top Ten Side Effects Of Cloves:

1. Increases The Risk Of Bleeding

Too much consumption of cloves may lead to the risk of increased bleeding. This is one of the side effects of consuming cloves. Cloves make your blood thin and lead to bleeding. Cloves contain a chemical known as ‘eugenol’. It is known for its blood-thinning properties. This chemical slows down the process of blood clotting and promotes abnormal bleeding. Individuals suffering from the disorders leading to bleeding such as hemophilia have to avoid the consumption of cloves. Also, it is not recommended to intake cloves at least two three weeks prior to a surgery.

Stop The Bleeding

2. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

This is one of the negative effects of consuming cloves. If you are among those whose blood sugar is lower than the normal levels, you have to avoid intake of cloves immediately. It is very harmful to consume cloves in this health condition. A clove further reduces the glucose levels in the blood and increases the chances of developing various health risks. Hence, pay attention to the levels of your blood sugar if you are trying to consume cloves. Cloves are very dangerous to hypoglycemia patients.

Supresses Blood Sugar Levels

3. May Lead To Various Allergic Reactions

Consuming cloves regularly may lead to allergies. Cloves contain eugenol. This chemical is the main reason behind allergies. Excessive consumption of cloves leads to swelling, rashes and hives. In rare scenario, cloves also lead to the development of anaphylaxis. Allergic reaction once worsened may lead to death in some cases. Hence, one must be very careful in consuming cloves. Individuals have to pay attention if they are trying to intake cloves on larger amounts.

Helps In Fighting Fungal Infections

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4. Increases The Risk Of Seizures

Over consumption of cloves leads to the risk of developing seizure. Cloves make electrical activity in our brain irregular. Rapid surge of brain’s electrical activity leads to seizures. This leads to seizures. Hence, cloves must not be consumed in excessive quantity. One has to be very careful in consuming cloves. This is one of the negative effects of consuming too much cloves.


5. Loss Of Skin’s Sensation

Cloves contain eugenol which acts as a numbing agent. This chemical lowers down the sensation when applied repeatedly on the skin. Hence, you must be careful when applying clove oil on the skin. This may increase the chances of skin’s sensation loss.

skin sentation

6. Leads To Mouth Sensitivity

Too much consumption of cloves or too much application of clove oil may lead to the inflammation of mucous membranes that are present in the mouth’s inner walls. It has been revealed in several studies. Also, excessive consumption of cloves may lead to damage of gum, tooth pulp, teeth and dental tissues. Burning sensation caused by cloves may create uneasiness. Also, dental cavities and sore lips are caused by excessive consumption of cloves.

mouth senstivity

7. Vomiting

Cloves are great for their medicinal values. However, over consumption of cloves may lead to various health problems. Over eating of cloves may lead to vomiting. You may suffer from sudden vomiting. Hence, please keep your consumption of cloves at moderate level. Trying to enjoy the benefits of cloves by eating in excess quantities puts your life in danger zone. It is advised to stop the consumption of cloves when you notice any abnormality in your health.

Nausea and Vomiting

8. Other Problems

Excessive consumption of cloves may lead to various toxic effects which are serious. Large doses of raw cloves may lead to various symptoms like sore throat, nausea, liver disorder and kidney disorders. Hence, cloves should be taken while taking your health condition into view. Too much consumption may put your health at risk. All these toxic effects may put your life in danger. Hence, please pay attention to these types of side effects before consuming cloves.

These are the various side effects of over consuming cloves. Hope this article is helpful and informative.