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8 Shocking Side Effects Of Consuming Coconut Milk


Coconut milk can be considered as a healthy replacement for various dairy products. Its rich aroma and creamy substance makes it as the most favorite drink. One should not get confused with coconut water. Fresh coconut milk tastes like cow’s milk. Coconut milk is one of the viable options available for those who are on Paleo diet. Coconut milk is a rich source of nutrients. It is powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. It consists of several anti oxidants along with iron compounds. We can obtain coconut milk by squeezing the grated coconut fruit. Coconut milk is an organic health drink as coconuts can be grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Hence, coconut milk is becoming famous as super food. Although, coconut milk is rich source of proteins and minerals, it also has certain side effects.

Here We Are Sharing With You The Side Effects Of Coconut Milk:

1. High Blood Pressure

This is one of the dangerous side effects of coconut milk. Coconut milk is a rich source of saturated fats. These fats are responsible for inducing your body with high cholesterols. High cholesterol may lead to high blood pressure. 1 cup of coconut milk consists of about 40-45 grams of fat. It thus increases lipoproteins levels in the body. These are harmful for the body.

High Blood Pressure Levels

2. May Lead To Allergies

Individuals who are allergic to tea nuts have to avoid the consumption of coconut milk. As coconut milk is categorized as tree nut, experts suggest that people suffering from allergies have to avoid the consumption of coconut milk. In such cases, consumption of coconut milk may lead to dangerous life threatening situations. This is one of the serious side effects of consuming coconut milk. Hence, people prone to allergies have to take precautions whenever they are about to try anything new.

Allergic Reactions

3. May Lead To Weight Gains

High caloric contents and saturated fats in coconut milk may lead to weight gain. If you are on diet for weight loss, you have to completely avoid the consumption of coconut milk as it disturbs your weight loss plan. Excessive usage of coconut milk consumption leads to weight gain.

Measure Weight

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4. May Lead To Heart Problems

Individual who are at the risk of being affected to cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol should abstain from consuming excess coconut milk. Coconut milk is rich source of fatty contents. These contents put you at larger risk of being affected to various heart problems along with stroke. You need not completely avoid the consumption of coconut milk. You may have to reduce the intake of coconut milk to lesser servings.

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease

5. Leads To Constipation

Coconut milk may cause digestive disorders in few people. Rich dietary fibers in coconut milk are responsible for digestive disorders. Coconut milk contains 14-18 percent of our daily intake of dietary fiber. Rapid increase of dietary fiber may lead to gas or diarrhea. You may suffer from the sudden digestive problems if your body is not habituated to take the high fiber content. So, in order to avoid health problems, it is advised to avoid raising the consumption of coconut milk instantly.

Relieves Constipation

6. May Lead To Cancer

Coconut milk is a rich source of sugar content. Once you consume coconut milk you are loading your body with high sugar content. Unsweetened coconut is also the rich source of higher sugar content. It may increase the chance of you being affected to obese with excessive sugar intake. Additional weight leads to various health problems. Many studies proved that obesity results in the increased risk of being affected to cancer.

Fights Cancer

7.  May Lead To Diabetes

Coconut milk may have adverse effect on your overall health. Coconut milk contains approximately 550 calories. If you include coconut milk in your daily intake diet, you may have to face several health disorders. High calories results in overweight and may lead to diabetes in some cases. This is one of the negative effects of consuming coconut milk.


8. May Lead To Fructose Malabsorption

It is a digestive disorder. It is a health condition in which you may be not able to digest and absorb the fructose. Fructose malabsorption causes various gastro intestinal symptoms. You may suffer from diarrhea, cramping and gas problems. Polyols and mono saccharides present in coconut milk are responsible for increasing the risk of this digestive disorder. Its high sugar content is the responsible the uneven movements of fructose and thereby leads to the development of bacteria in small intestine.

Coconut Milk

Do you like coconut milk? Are you drinking coconut milk regularly? Please share your experiences with us. Please share with us if you have experienced any side effects by consuming coconut milk.