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8 Simple Eating Tips To Eat More Fiber

Eat More Fiber

Now a day we are leading a busy lifestyle and we often do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Due to so unhealthy food habits we often suffer from the problem of constipation. Fibers are excellent food component which is really beneficial for our body. It keeps us fit and healthy from inside. It actually prevents constipation and keeps your system good. So, to keep healthy from inside try to incorporate food ingredients which contain lots of fibers in it.

In this topic to day we are sharing some typical common food items which are healthy as they are rich in fiber content. Regular consumption of these food items makes your system clear in a natural way.

Here Are 8 Food Items Which Contains Lot Of Fiber In It:


Oats is a great food item which is mainly used as a breakfast item. Oatmeal is excellent source of carbohydrate which supplies us energy for the whole day. They are loaded with fibers which prevents the constipation problem away. Keep your system clean by consuming oats every day. You can try other dishes with oats to bring the variety in your menu.



Carrots are great vegetable which is naturally blessed with fiber content. To stay healthy try to consume this fruit in your regular diet as it supplies lots of nutrition to you along with the fiber component. Use carrots in your salads, curries even if in your deserts to eat more fiber daily.



It is another great source of fiber. It is mainly eaten in the breakfast which keeps you energetic for the whole day. Cornflakes are not only blessed with fibers but are an excellent source of the important nutrients like carbohydrate, Iron, Potassium, Zinc etc. It keeps your system active by preventing constipation.



Papaya contains lots of fibers and also enriched with lots of vitamin like Vitamin A, E and C. Papaya is very good for liver and as it contains fibers is also good for your stomach. It keeps your system clear. To be stay healthy tries this fruit to consume more fiber.


Water Melon:

Water Melon has a great fiber content which is mainly plant cellulose. It is high in water content also. Along with the other vitamins and minerals in this fruit is blessed with electrolytes also. As it is enriched with fiber it keeps you healthy. Try to incorporate this miracle fruit in your regular food habit to consume fiber in a tasty way.

Water Melon

Brown Bread:

Brown Bread is made with ordinary flour or “Atta” thus it contains a lot of fiber in it. Use brown bread to prepare healthy dishes and in your breakfast. It supplies you the daily dose of fiber along with the carbohydrate. It is very tasty also. So, when you are going to consume bread try to use brown bread.

Brown Bread


Spinach is a very popular green leafy vegetable which is found in almost every where in this globe. It is blessed with lots of vital nutrients and keeps you healthy. But the most important thing about spinach is it is an excellent source of fiber which naturally prevents constipation and remains you healthy.



It is another green leafy vegetable which has great fiber content. To eat fiber in a delicious way uses it in salads and in soups. You can try delicious curries with cabbage which supplies you the fiber in a tasty way.