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8 Super Foods That Boost Your Brain Power

Foods That Boost Your Brain Power

Improving your aptitude, retention of brain power, sharpening your memory and enhancement of cognitive capability are not difficult provided you eat the right kind of food.  Brain’s functional improvement diet helps you get a better focus and perceive a situation with clarity and a thorough comprehension.

Here We Go With Eight Amazing Foods That Increase The Potential Of The Grey Matter Encased Inside Your Cranium:

1. Walnuts:

Walnuts are an amazing source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which triggers blood flow through your system with a heightened vigor. This naturally promotes a greater volume of oxygen transmission to your brain making it active and alert. Walnuts improve your learning skills, motor skills and coordinating capability.


2. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is loaded with mono unsaturated fats which slows down your senility and hence is a great protection against age-related brain decay and fights against the onset of a drop in your cognitive abilities.

Olive Oil

3. Berries:

Studies have revealed that there is a direct relationship between consumption of berries and improvement in your grey matter potential. Another encouraging piece of news published in the Annals of Neurology hit upon the startling fact that berries particularly blueberries and strawberries slow down age induced mental deterioration in brain areas that control memory and focus.


4. Nutritious Fishes:

Nutritious fishes like sardines and salmons belonging to a group better known as fatty fishes, boost the capacity of your brain. Especially, the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA in these super foods is associated with lowering the chance of memory loss and improving perception.

oily fish

5. Coffee:

Coffee contains caffeine which is a mild stimulant, and it triggers the activity level of the brain. Coffee contains antioxidants as well which improves the overall brain health. Studies also reveal that drinking coffee would act as an anti depression agent.


6. Spinach:

Spinach contains a substantial quantity of lutein, which is an antioxidant responsible for holding back your cognitive fall. This leafy green vegetable is a great brain booster.


7. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and helps improve blood flow to your brain. Dark chocolates are also rich in flavonoids good for your brain. The caffeine content in dark chocolate also plays a key role in enhancing brain functioning.

Dark Chocolates

8. Avocados:


Avocados are high in mono unsaturated fats improving your blood flow enabling more of it reach your brain that ultimately enhances your brain power.