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8 Superb Homemade Face Masks Using Coconut Oil

We generally get confused on what to use for fighting tons and tons of facial skin problems! No doubt there are thousands of products and ingredient which can help you in enhancing your facial skin and facial beauty, but we have one superb ingredient with bucket full of antioxidants which can help you to fight with Acne, aging, wrinkles, dark spots, dullness etc. It is no other than coconut oil! Coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which makes it the best and versatile ingredient for your face masks. Keep your Face beautiful and bright by using these varieties of homemade coconut oil face masks.

Superb Homemade Face Masks Using Coconut Oil:

1. Turmeric And Coconut Oil

If you want fair, bright and flawless skin, nothing would work as magically as coconut oil and turmeric mask on your skin. Turmeric powder is one of the supreme ingredients which can allow blood flow on your skin and cleanse the dark patches, pigmentation, dullness and such skin issues. Coconut oil will simply stick to your skin; reduce the dust and germs making your skin flawless. Apply this smoothening and cleansing mask on your skin for awesome results!

Turmeric And Coconut Oil

2. Lemon, Yogurt And Coconut Oil Mask

Lemon juice is a stunning kitchen ingredient which has some uncountable benefits over the skin. It bleaches the skin and makes it even toned, fair, spot free and radiant. Yogurt is a special fermented food which can fight pigmentation, rough skin and can revive your skin. Mix these cool ingredients with coconut oil and apply this hydrating mask on your skin for smooth, fair and glorious skin!

 Lemon, Yogurt And Coconut Oil Mask

3. Green Tea Honey And Coconut Oil Mask

Green tea is a magical ingredient when it comes to skin care. Along with green tea, coconut oil and honey, this awesome mask would keep your skin hydrated, flawless and beautiful. Mix these superb ingredients and apply this mask on your skin. If you want to boost blood flow in your facial skin and make it look bright and glorious, this is the mask which would work miracles on your skin! Also fight pimples, acne and such greasiness issues with this mask!

 Green Tea Honey And Coconut Oil Mask

4. Avocado And Coconut Oil Face Mask

Avocados are healthy and stuffed fruits which can fill your skin with rich minerals and nutrients which your skin needs to look bright! Your skin looks beautiful if it gets all the fluids and minerals from various foods. To make our skin shiny, smooth and radiant, use this amazing mask which will hydrate your skin externally! Mix some coconut oil and avocado paste and apply this on your skin for best results!

Avocado And Coconut Oil Face Mask

5. Tea Tree Oil And Coconut Oil Face Mask

If you are tired of the pimples, acne, greasy skin and such issues, this is due to the extra oil production in your skin and due to the bacteria which can damage your skin. Tea tree oil is anti bacterial oil which can cleanse all the bacteria, germs, and greasiness and would also balance oil production in your skin! Try this mask and make your skin look flawless this season!

 Tea Tree Oil And Coconut Oil Face Mask

6. Coconut Oil And Grape Fruit Mask

Grapefruit has some magical effects on your skin. Filled with vitamins and anti oxidants, this food would keep your skin fresh, oil free and radiant! Mix some coconut oil and grapefruit extract and apply it on your skin. This will keep your skin bright, nourished and hydrated! Also for fighting extreme greasiness and skin issues, use this mask regularly!

Coconut Oil And Grape Fruit Mask

7. Banana And Coconut Oil Mask

If you are suffering from extremely dry, under conditioned skin, this is a perfect mixture to enrich your skin and make it look flawless and super smooth! This mixture of banana and coconut oil is filled with enzymes, minerals and hydrating properties which will keep your skin nourished and battle dryness. Apply this softening and hydrating mask on your skin and you will get some awesome results as never before!

Banana And Coconut Oil Mask

8. Coconut Oil And Baking Soda Face Mask

When we step out of the house, millions of bacteria, germs, dust particles and sun rays affect your skin. From morning to evening, after reaching home, our face gets loaded with such uncountable elements. It is extremely important to cleanse these elements or else it would result into pores, black heads, blemishes and such skin issues. Baking soda is such a magical cleansing ingredient which can effectively fight all these issues with coconut oil. Thus apply coconut oil and baking soda mask on your skin daily and keep it youthful! Also your skin will become free from greasiness and different skin impairments soon!

 Coconut Oil And Baking Soda