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8 Sure Methods To Cure Aching Eyes

aching eyes

Vision is one of the most important senses of our body. Any discomfort to the eyes causes an uneasy feeling in our routine. Aching eyes can be caused to people of any age group. In children, it is a large cause of concern. Aching of the eyes can also be experienced with redness or swelling inside and outside of the eyes. It is very important to find the reason for aching eyes and also to use remedies to get rid of them. Aching eyes could be due to excessive strain to the eyes, conjunctivitis, Infection, Change in vision power or Glaucoma.

Methods to cure aching eyes

Wash Frequently

In order to avoid pain in the eyes, washing eyes frequently is the basic remedy. It keeps eyes clean and avoids infections. Water also acts as a coolant and cleanser for the eyes. Any dust or particle gets cleaned immediately helping eyes relax.

washing eyes

Blink It

Blinking of the eyes helps the tear glands produce a greasy substance inside the eyes that keeps the eyes moisturised. This substance also acts and a natural disinfectant helping to avoid infections in the eyes. Most of the times, blinking of the eyes helps in sending the dust particles to the corner of the eyes safeguarding the cornea from getting damaged. Blinking of the eyes also works as an exercise to the internal muscles and makes them stronger.

binking eyes

Apply Saliva

Though it might feel awful, this remedy is considered most effective in the olden days. Children facing vision deficiency at the young age are asked to apply their saliva into the eyes first thing in the morning. It is said that saliva has strongest enzymes to regulate all the deficiencies in the body. This is said to have helped many children get rid of their spectacles easily.

saliva for eyes

Avoid Unnecessary Use of Computers or Televisions

Many people have a habit of working late hours on computers or watching television for as a pastime. But it should be kept in mind that excessive strain to the eyes caused by constantly concentrating on the bright light emitting from the screens are not suited for our body and eyes. One should keep a tab on the use of computers and televisions to avoid getting into the trouble of eye pains frequently.

using computer

Avoid Using Artificial Light

Light coming from the natural source is considered best for the body and eyes. Excessive usage of artificial light or using artificial light when there is enough natural sources available also causes strain in the eyes. It is advisable to use natural light when it is available for reading or doing other activities instead of using tube lights or bulbs. Reading in natural light during the day time causes less strain to the eyes as compared to other forms of light.

reading in Artificial Light

Coriander Juice

Coriander has a large amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin K along with loads of minerals which are essential for our body. It also contains lots of fibres which help your body maintain its digestive balance. Consumption of coriander juice is said to strengthen the eye muscles and makes vision sharper and better.

Coriander Juice

Carrot Juice

Carrots are also considered as a blood sugar regulator. With a good amount of vitamin, mineral and fibre content, carrot also contains good amount of antioxidants. Its beta- carotene content helps in improving eye sight. Also helpful in controlling glaucoma, carrots are good for an overall health too.

carrot juice

Applying Cucumber on Eyelids

One of the easiest and best ways of getting a cooling and relaxed feeling to the eyes is to apply slices of cucumber on the eyelids. It is not too expensive and gives you good relief from aching eyes.

Cucumber slices