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8 Top Sure Methods For Abscesses And Boils

Top Sure Methods For Abscesses And Boils

An abscess is a tender mass developed on skin or any part of the body usually pink or red in colour. It is usually formed with a collection of pus at its centre due to infection or presence of foreign object in the body. Boils are also a kind of skin abscess where the upper skin layers have some dilation of small blood vessels which causes skin redness. Abscesses can be caused because of presence of excessive heat in the body. Eating foods that are too spicy or oily can also cause boils or abscesses. Abscess or boils are usually caused by obstruction of oil or sweat glands or minor damages to the skin. Formation of abscess can be seen with inflammation of the skin with formation of red and white substance within it.

Here Are 8 Top Sure Methods To Cure Abscesses and Boils:

1. Application Of  Warm Compress

The application of warm compress can ease the pain and help in avoiding further spread of infection to further areas. It also helps in sterilising the bacteria inside the boil. Warm compress can be prepared by simply warming up a cotton cloth or handkerchief over a hot griddle or dipping the cotton cloth in warm water.


2. Application Of Turmeric

Turmeric is considered as one of the best antibiotic. It helps in stopping the infection from spreading to other areas. Turmeric can be mixed with water and simply applied on the affected portion. In order to make turmeric work more effectively, you can mix turmeric with some chickpea flour. Chickpea flour helps in drying out the pus inside the abscess and also helps to avoid the formation of spots or scar tissues.

Application of turmeric

3. Application Of Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood paste is considered to be a fiving cooling effect. It is considered a natural healer and skin rejuvenator. Applying sandalwood mixed with rose water also helps in drying and healing Abscesses and boils.

Application of Sandalwood paste

4. Application Of Orange Rind

Orange rind is the outer layer of the skin of the orange peel. It contains special oils which work as a disinfectant. Drying up orange rind and applying it on the skin helps in healing abscesses and boils.

orange rind

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5. Drink Lot Of  Water

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily would help in keeping the skin clean and ever glowing. It is considered to be the basic formula for healthy skin and body. This is the minimum prescribed amount of fluid required by the body to maintain proper hydration and cleansing. If possible, we should drink even more amount of fluids as a part of routine.

drink water

6. Apply Lemon And Honey Mixture

Lemon is the best natural cleanser and is easily available in the market. Honey is the best astringent and toner for the body. Regular application of a mixture of lemon and honey would help in keeping all the infections at bay. Applying this mixture on affected portion of skin would let the abscess reduce naturally and heal faster leaving no scar behind.

honey mixture

7. Keep The Skin Clean

To avoid spreading of infection to the other parts of skin, it is important to keep the skin clean. Formation of sweat or excess oils can be a reason for spread of infection. Washing the affected portion frequently and drying it with a clean cloth would help.

Keep the skin clean

8. Keeping Stomach Clear

To get rid of any kind of infection, it is very important to have the digestive system cleansed properly. Drinking lots of water or clear fluids, consuming fennel seeds or cumin seeds or gooseberry powder helps in improving digestion. Consumption of curds or buttermilk can also help in improving digestion which ultimately helps in improving the immune system and fighting against bacteria.

Keeping Stomach clear