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8 Tricks To Keep Hair Flyaways In Place

Flyaway hair is usually caused by dry and damaged hair. As hair gets drier it produces friction and static electricity. Hair flyaway is one of the most annoying parts of a girl’s hair which can ruin her whole look. Imagine, you are perfectly dressed up for an event in some elegant outfit, a perfect makeup, but the hair…Damn…Looking horrible due to those unmanageable hair flyaways. I exactly know how it feels. So no more worries at all, I am here with some tricks to fix your hair flyaways and keeps them in place.

Here Are Some Tricks To Keep Hair Flyaways In Place:

1. Hair Serum:

Hair serum is helpful in fixing these annoying hair flyaways. Never forget to use a serum while trying to comb your hair. It makes your hair manageable and soft and keeps the hair strands at far. Always apply the serum before combing your hair. There are many hair serum products available in the market, so choose it carefully.

Hair Serum

2. Hair Pin Up:

Tiny hair strands can really mess up your whole look and can be annoying at the same time. Sometimes we end up cutting these strands to get the perfect look. Now no need to cut your beautiful hair. I am here with a simple solution. Buy some bobby pins and pin those annoying hair flyaways. It’s that simple.

Hair Pin Up

3. Say No To Plastic Combs:

Plastic combs or brushes are the main reasons behind these hair flyaways. plastic combs make your hair stand. So, we should stop using plastic combs now. Rather, start combing your hair with metal hair brushes or wooden combs.

Say No To Plastic Combs

4. Use Water:

Water is one of the easiest and simplest way to get rid of these flyaways. Take a little amount of water on your hand and apply it onto your hair. It will settle your hair flyaways within seconds. if you are heading out for a meeting and your hair looks bizarre, smooth your strands with water. However, do not use excess water.


5. Hair Conditioner:

Hair flyaways are mainly caused due to damaged and frizzy hair. So condition your hair every time you use shampoo. To keep those hair flyaways at far, use normal conditioners or leave in conditioner. You can add deep conditioning treatment thrice a month to your routine.

Hair Conditioner

6. Hair Sprays:

Hair sprays can give you the perfect look you desired for. However, using hair sprays regularly can damage your hair. So do not apply the hair spray directly on your hair, rather spray it on your hair brush and comb your hair gently. In this way, you can fix your flyaways without damaging your hair.

Hair Sprays

7. Use Hand Cream:

Hand cream makes your hand soft as well as it helps in fixing your flyaways. Take a small amount of non-sticky hand cream on your hand, rub with both your hand and apply it over the affected areas of your hair. In case you do not have a hand cream at home, you can use normal moisturizer. However, use it carefully as it can make your hair look sticky.

Hand Cream

9. Avoid Shampooing On A Regular Basis:

Shampooing your hair every day can make your hair frizzy and dry which results in hair flyaways. So it is advisable to wash your hair twice or thrice a week. Always choose your shampoo according to your hair type.

Avoid Shampooing On A Regular Basis

Hope these tricks will be helpful enough to fix your hair flyaways. Feel free to share your experiences in the comment box given below.