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8 Vegetarian Superfoods To Include In Diet

Give yourself a much-needed health boost with some delicious vegetarian superfoods in your everyday diet. Superfoods are packed with plenty of nutrition, which makes them a power food. They are recommended for young and adults alike for their rich source of minerals and vitamins. Many people believe that superfoods are all about non-vegetarian foods, but this is not true as there are several vegetarian superfoods too. These vegetarian superfoods should be ideally included in the diet to enjoy their benefits. Here are some of the best vegetarian superfoods which you can have every day.

Here Are 8 Vegetarian Superfoods To Include In Diet

1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are low in calories, carbohydrates, and sodium which make them a smart diet food too. They are low in fat and cholesterol which makes them healthy. They are high in protein and fiber, they are rich in vitamins B which helps in healthy metabolism. They are rich in potassium which helps in lowering elevated blood pressure and is also known to reduce the risk associated with stroke. Mushrooms help in protecting the cells from all damaging effects of free radicals. Mushrooms can be included in everyday food as part of a salad, in soups or side dish.



2. Goji Berries

Goji berries are rich in proteins. They are known to have at least 18 amino acids. They are loaded with a high quantity of vitamin C. Beta-carotene present in Goji berries are known to promote eye health in the elderly. Goji berries can be included in the diet as part of salads, trail mix, and even smoothies. Including goji berries in the diet is known to help in building the immunity system and are also good for the eyes. Goji berries are also known to reduce pain and ache caused due to arthritis.

Goji Berries

3. Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are a great superfood, but you need to stay away from the highly sweetened and high-fat dairy milk chocolates. Dark chocolates are healthy as they are a rich source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonols and polyphenols that are known to keep the heart protected against different cardiovascular diseases. Dark chocolates make a healthy snack which can be munched anytime without having to worry about the harmful effects of chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

4. Raw Almonds

Fresh raw almonds are said to be one of the best vegetarian superfoods. They make healthy snacks when included in bars or added in cookies. Raw almonds contain protein building blocks in the form of amino acids, magnesium and B-vitamins along with many different minerals. You can soak raw almonds for a day and then consume them the next day. Have them raw for best results and to enjoy their complete nutritional benefits.

Raw Almonds

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are loaded with nutritional benefits. They are rich in magnesium which is an important mineral for the healthy functioning of the heart, blood vessels, muscles, bone health and nerve functioning. Beta-carotene is richly present in sweet potatoes which help in improving eyesight, boosts immunity and is also known to help in fighting cancer. Cartoneid present in sweet potatoes is an excellent antioxidant which helps in building the immunity system and helps the body fight infection and germs.

Sweet Potatoes

6. Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Raw pumpkin seeds contain plenty of minerals and vitamins which include iron, calcium, potassium, Vitamin-E, magnesium and B-complex. It is rich in zinc which is excellent for skin health. Deficiency of zinc can lead to a number of health problems like pimples, acne, rashes and boils which are difficult conditions. Zinc is known to help in improving skin health and wound healing. Calcium present in the seeds helps in keeping bones healthy and strong. Vitamin E and B-complex help in building immunity and promotes skin health. One spoonful of raw pumpkin seeds can help you to get your required dose of zinc requirement in a day.

Pumpkin Seeds

7. Wild Blue-Green Algae

This is a powerful superfood with plenty of protein, much more protein than that is available in soy. This superfood is rich in plenty of minerals and vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. It is known to help the body with more energy and improved functioning of the brain. You can add one or two tablespoons of this wild blue-green algae in your regular drinks and smoothies. If wild blue green algae are consumed on a regular basis it helps in improving the immunity system of the body.

Wild Blue-Green Algae

8. Apple

Apples are a rich in fiber. Their skin contains quercetin which is a powerful antioxdiant and with anti-inflammatory power. This might help in keeping you protected from possible allergic reactions and also can help in keeping your heart healthy. Apples can be consumed as part of salads or juice. They can be simply munched anytime of the day as a healthy snack.