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9 Amazing Benefits Of Teff Grain

Teff grain can be considered as one of the most underrated healthy food of the entire planet and this is because of the fact that many of the persons aren’t quite aware of the fact that teff grain is highly essential for maintaining some of the sound health conditions. Teff grain is mostly grown in Ethiopia and is also native to that country. Apart from Ethiopia, there are even many of the African countries which do include this grain in their cuisine and experience many of the health benefits. Teff is also called as Williams’ lovegrass or annual bunch grass and this is often regarded as a super grain with some high nutritiona l values.

Here Are Some Of The Best Health Benefits Of The Teff Grains:

1. Promote Bone Health

Teff is one such a grain that assists a lot in maintaining the bone health of a person and this because of the high amounts of calcium present in the grain where it is a well known fact that calcium is highly essential for building some stronger bones and maintain the bone health [1] . Apart from calcium, there are also lot of other minerals that are highly necessary in the construction of a strong skeletal system of the body and consuming teff can also keep you away from many of the bone related disease. Hence it is highly recommended for a person suffering from osteoporesis to include sufficient amounts of teff in the regular diet to get relieved all in all.

Bone Health

2. Helps In Building A Strong Immunity System 

One mustn’t forget that vitamin C is one such a vitamin that is highly responsible in maintaining and building a strong immunity system as they are well known for stimulating the production of white blood cells [2] . White blood make a formidable part of the circulatory system as they are famed to protect the body from getting attacked with many of the deadly diseases and also keep the body a lot stronger. Teff grain is rich in quantities of vitamin C which makes it one of the most worthy foods that can be consumed when you actually feel your immunity system is quite weak. Vitamin C is also one of the most important component in collagen that is vital for the development of other cells of the body including the muscle tissue, organs and numerous blood vessels.

Immunity System

3. Aids In Digestion

When a person is facing many issues with the pace of digestion, teff grain can pop out to be a highly effective remedy under such cases [3] . This is because of the fact that this teff grain has some high content of dietary content that can assist a lot in generating peristaltic movements and also increase the quality of bowel movements on the whole. This is the prime reason why this teff grain is being used as a laxative for many years. Also there are many of the other advantages of dietary fiber and these include the reduce of cholesterol levels actually by eliminating the excess amounts of omega 6 fatty acids and even this can be highly helpful for the ones with some digestion and weight problems.


4. Aids In Proper Growth And Development

It is quite a well known fact that this teff grain has some high amounts of amino acids in it which are highly responsible for maintaining a balance in the growth and development of many of the body organs and enhance a proper growth rate in an individual [4] . Our body has a great tendency to get the vegetable protein digested at a higher pace than the other forms of animal protein and and hence this teff grain is recommended for all the individuals who are indeed suffering from some diet issues and problems regarding the irregular and improper growth of certain body organs on the whole.

Proper Growth And Development

5. Promotes Heart Health

Some high amounts of sodium content in the food has been proved to be fatal for the heart as this high content is actually the prime reason of arteries and hence there is a lot of necessity for a person to opt foods that are extremely low in sodium content and in this regard, teff grain can serve the purpose a lot better than expected [5] . This is solely because of the low sodium content in the grain that is necessary for maintaining the health of the blood vessels. Also as mentioned in one of the earlier benefits, teff grain consumption can assist a lot in reducing the cholesterol levels where cholesterol is also one of the prime reason for many of the heart diseases. Hence teff grain has to be added to the regular diet of an individual to experience some of the better health benefits and keep your heart a lot healthier than before.

Heart Health

6. Controls Diabetes

Diabetes has now become one of the most common health issue nowadays and this is heavily because of the fact that people have changed their food habits a lot which made them quite weak and get them to easily fall prey for these diseases [6] . Diabetes involves improper sugar levels in the blood which is characterized either by increase or the decrease. Teff grain can be highly helpful to slow down the pace of the release of insulin into the body and thereby protecting the body from the attack of many of the unwanted plunges which can be deadly even at times.


7. Maintains The Circulatory System

One of the formidable minerals that teff gain is rich in is undoubtedly iron that is quite important for blood circulation and handling cases of anemia [7] .

Circulatory System

8. Celiac Support

Teff grain can be considered as one of the best remedy to handle the cases of celiac disease and this is because of the fact that this food is actually gluten free and can get get to relieve you a lot quickly from the celiac disease [8] .

Celiac Support

9. High Copper Content

Copper is yet another vital important mineral that is required by the human body for proper building and secretion of enzymes, teff grain has some high amount of copper content in it that can be highly helpful to handle some disease conditions at times [9] .

Copper Content