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9 Amazing Essential Oils For Skin Health

It’s quite evident from the present society that the people are highly running behind many of the synthetically manufactured cosmetics which may some time trigger with various problems. The chance of these issue would be a lot high if the products are quite allergic towards skin. The skin can get to damage a lot and also the pigmentation level can effect to a greater extent as well. In this regard, it is highly essential for the girls to take a lot of care on their skin health and at the same time, they’ve to be a lot cautious in choosing some of the remedies that can aid a lot in making your skin to glow in a lot better manner than the usual. In this regard, certain essential oils can be highly helpful as they’re very less known to possess side effects and also can promote your skin health overall. In this regard, this article features some of the amazing essential oils that can be highly helpful in making your skin to glow and perish. Therefore, it is highly recommended by all the women who are indeed in search of some spectacular natural supplements to take a note of the listed essential oils which could assist them in one way or the another.

Amazing Essential Oils For Skin Health

1. Clary Sage Essential Oil

This particular essential oil can be highly helpful to those who are indeed a lot worried about their oily skin. Oily skin can induce many skin problems which include pimples, blisters, pigmentation problems etc. This is all due top the production of oil on the skin and this has to be stopped [1] . In this case, clary sage essential oil can help a lot as it can reduce the amount of oil production not only in the dry skinned people but also in the people with oily skin. Another stunning benefit of this clary sage essential oil is that it can also tackle many of the aging factors as well. At times, wrinkles and other aging factors can appear on the skin which makes you look a lot mote older one than the usual. Such problems can be handled with the usage of clary sage essential oil. This oil can also be helpful in reducing the puffiness of the skin which is highly desirable at times. Therefore it is highly recommended by all the people who are a lot conscious about their skin health, to include this remedy in their kit list and all one has to do is to apply this oil on the areas where there are some premature aging factors and also some oily skin problems. However it is advisable to apply the oil during the early times of the day to experience some of the better benefits on the whole.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

2. Basil Essential Oil

Every reader might definitely be aware of the medicinal benefits of the basil herb. Basil herb is often called as the ‘royal herb’ or ‘the king of herbs’ and this is all because of the medicinal properties it possesses. Such basil herb is used in the manufacture of basil essential oil which has many proven benefits on the skin [2] . At times,certain sensitive skin cannot withstand any sort of rashes such as insect bites etc. Such situations makes your skin to look a lot ugly than before and this problem has to be encountered with a worthy natural remedy. In this regard, basil essential oil can be highly helpful and applying it to the infected area can get to increase the chances of getting region healed a lot quickly than expected. Therefore it is highly advisable for all the people to include basil essential oil for certain skin issues.

Basil Essential Oil

3. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is indeed a beautiful flowering plant that is widely grown in certain regions of Europe including the renowned Canary islands and the flowers of this lavender plant is used in the manufacture of lavender essential oil [3] . This essential oil has many benefits to the skin and it also helps vividly when you actually get affected a lot from spots, sun burns etc. At such areas lavender essential oil must be applied for proper regeneration of skin on the whole.

 Lavender Essential Oil

4. Myrrh Essential Oil

This is yet another stunning natural remedy that can be highly helpful for people who do face a lot of aging problems, At such cases, myrrh essential oil can be used as it consists of a lot of anti inflammatory properties which can be highly helpful in improving the overall skin tone of your body [4] .

 Myrrh Essential Oil

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5. Neroli Essential Oil

This essential oil is one such an oil that can be highly helpful for the people who are willing to fight against the oily skin problems [5] . This essential oil has a vital chemical called citral which can be highly helpful in regeneration of the damaged skin cells on the whole.

Neroli Essential Oil

6. Geranium Essential Oil

This essential oilcan be highly helpful in balancing the oil production of the skin and therefore it can be used by all the ones to tackle oily skin issues [6] . Also this oil can be slightly added to your moisturizers before applying it to the skin to experience some better benefits all in all.

Geranium Essential Oil

7. Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil can be highly helpful to those who suffer a lot from acne related problems and also the high amounts of anti bacterial properties that are present in tea tree essential oil can be helpful in maintaining the health of your skin as well [7] .

 Tea Tree Essential Oil

8. Juniper Essential Oil

This particular essential oil is highly helpful in cleansing of skin and it can also tackle various skin problems that arise due to infections. Therefore those who are infection prone can apply juniper oil on their skin [8] . But one important thing that has to be kept in mind is that this oil has to be diluted a lot before it’s actually used.

Juniper Essential Oil

9. Chamomile Essential Oil

This essential oil is well known to handle various skin diseases such as inflammation and it can also be worthy against certain infectious conditions as well [9] .

Chamomile Essential Oil