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9 Amazing Reasons To Skip Meat To Stay Healthy


9 Amazing Reasons To Skip Meat To Stay Healthy

We can always make our choices of food and eat what we like. After all there is only one life. But it has to be taken care of and nourished in the right way to attain a healthy, long life. People eat meat,  follow a vegetarian diet or maybe a totally vegan diet, as they are suited. But recent studies have emphasized the benefits of vegetarian diets and increase in diseases and health problems of non-veg eaters. It is also being said that vegetarians live longer and there is an average increase of 9 years in the lifespan of men and 6 years in that of women who abstain from meat consumption. Though eating meat is fine if done in moderation but plants provide the body with the essential minerals, contain phytochemicals to fight against fatal diseases and have been hence proved to induce longevity. Eating non-vegetarian food also gives way to potential diseases and negative factors in the body that can decrease the life span of people.

Let Us Analyse Facts And See The Reasons Why Vegetarians Live Longer:

Heart Diseases

Non-vegetarians especially red meat eaters are at a bigger risk of heart ailments. Saturated fats are harmful to the heart. Red meat contains a compound called carnitine which can clog and harden the arteries of the heart and result in severe heart complications. In contrast the plant nutrient supply phytochemicals to the body of vegetarians to promote healthy functioning of cardiovascular organs.



Salads, fruits, and vegetables are easy on the digestive system, provide roughage and smoothly pass through the intestines providing the system with all its nutrition. Meat contains too much of fat and takes a long time to digest. The organs have to work harder and at times the stomach and intestines get exposed to infections that are present in meat.



Certain kinds of cancers like the colon cancer is more predominant in meat eaters. The meat takes a long time to digest and moves slowly through the intestines. In the meanwhile, the carcinogenic compounds present in meat do damage to the walls of the colon, sometimes ending up in fatal diseases like the colon cancer.

Fights Cancer


The human body produces and regulates its own cholesterol and does not need it from outside sources. But meat has its own cholesterol which it gives to the body it is consumed by. Hence, it raises the level of cholesterol in non-veg eaters. Also, if we are eating non-vegetarian diet, it means we are consuming less of vegetables which contain phytochemicals that regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Reduces Cholesterol

Greater Exposure To Diseases

At times when hygiene levels are not maintained, animals are not checked for diseases and used for consumption.Old and frozen meat kept for a while also get contaminated with bacteria and germs. The diseases and bacteria present in these animals are transferred to the human body when meat is eaten. These chronic diseases can be harmful and can cause life threatening difficulties.

Fights Fever

Drug Intake

Animals are fed with drugs for growth and also for the treatment of disorders. These antibiotics and other medicines can pose problems when they enter the human body and give rise to major health issues.

Medicines For Platelet Disorder

Weight Gain

Meat is loaded with calories and is full of fat which can increase the waistline and give rise to a number of diseases in the body like heart problems, cholesterol and diabetes(type 2).


Mood Swings

People who intake plant and plant products like salads, vegetables and fruit have better metabolism and positive moods. In turn, non-vegetarians are known to suffer higher frequencies of bad mood swings and high anxiety levels. It could be attributed to the toxins and the growth hormones present in the meat.

Anxiety Attacks

Humanitarian Level

We all are believers in god. So let’s consider this, that if we respect god’s creation and do not harm it, like slaughtering animals for consumption, then the creator will in turn bless and bestow us with longevity and healthy life.