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9 Amazing Remedies For Rickets

Rickets is one such a disease that is highly associated with the bones of an individual and at times this disease can result in several complications. Many times rickets can occur in children but one couldn’t guarantee that it keeps far away from adults. There are also many of the registered cases that many of the adults suffered from this disease and this disease mainly leads to the deformation of bones. The bone deformation actually causes due to the deficiency of calcium and phosphorous in the body that are actually vital for the healthy formation of bones. Also there are many valid proofs that rickets can also be caused due to the deficiency of vitamin D in the body and therefore it is highly recommended for the children to take adequate amounts of vitamin d foods in their diet. Also rickets can be highly dangerous and also may keep the person paralyzed for lifetime. Hence on must sort out some of the perfect ways to handle this disease and apart from taking some synthetic remedies, it would always be better to go with some of the natural remedies as well. In this regard, this article features some of the amazing natural remedies that can handle the disease quite well and also reduce the extent of the disease on a large scale. Therefore it is high advised for the people suffering from rickets to take a note of these natural remedies and even include them in your regular diet to experience some health benefits on the whole.

Here Are Some Amazing Remedies For Rickets:

1. Dandelion

Dandelion is probably one of the herbal plants on this planet where almost all the parts of the plant have some of the famed medicinal uses and that is the reason why it is one of the best known herbal remedies in many of the disease cases [1] . However this herb even has found some various advantages when it actually comes to the topic of rickets and one would also observe many of the doctors recommending this particular herb for various problems that are actually occurred due to rickets. This is all due to the fact that the leaves of this herb and also are quite rich in vitamins such as A, B, C, D and apart from these vitamins there are even numerous minerals such as zinc, calcium, phosphorous that are present in adequate amounts and these minerals promote the bone health on a large scale and also keep the person away from rickets. Therefore it is highly recommended for the person suffering from rickets to include dandelion tea or dandelion leaves in his routine to get his problem solved a lot quickly than expected.


2. Horsetail Herb

Horsetail herb is native to some of the European regions and is also known by the name puzzle grass [2] . This is yet another herb that perfectly handles the problems that are incurred with rickets and this is also known to contain many of the vitamins, minerals etc including the high content of silicone as well. This silicone content is actually converted to calcium when it is consumed and one mustn’t forget that calcium is one essential mineral that is highly necessary in handling the problems that are actually incurred with rickets disease on the whole. Silicone is highly responsible for the promotion of strong bones and muscles and also the high amount of collagen content present in it can be responsible to strengthen the skin and also various tissues of the body. In this regard, it is highly advised for all the individuals looking for some really superb natural remedy for rickets, horsetail herb can be of a perfect choice as it is probably well known for its healing conditions and also this horsetail herb can be consumed in the form of horsetail tea and this is would be a more comfortable way as many wouldn’t prefer to intake this sort of herb directly due to its taste.

Horsetail Herb

3. Cod Liver Oil

This is indeed the fish oil that has some wide range of benefits and a surprising fact about this fish oil is that it can also be a potent natural remedy in handling the disease rickets [3] . This is because of the fact that it contains some high amounts of vitamin D and vitamin A in it and as mentioned earlier, the deficiency of vitamin D can get to effect this disease symptoms and therefore, intake of this cod liver oil daily can fulfill the deficiency conditions and thereby reduce the symptoms caused by this disease on the whole.

Cod Liver Oil

4. Oatstraw

Oat plant is yet another natural remedy that candle the purpose of rickets very well and you would also see that many of the patients suffering from rickets consider it as a worthy food that can handle the spread of this disease on a large scale [4]. The high amounts of calcium and minerals that is present in the oatstraw can be sufficient to handle not only rickets but also several other disease conditions as well. Therefore it is highly recommended to include oat meal in your regular diet to experience some better benefits all in all.


5. Nettle Herb

The high amounts of calcium and magnesium reserves in the nettle herb makes a worthy natural remedy that can handle the disease conditions of rickets quite well [5] .

Nettle Herb

6. Sunlight

One of the best sources of vitamin D in the nature and it is highly recommended to expose the ones suffering from rickets in the sunlight early in the morning daily to experience some better benefits [6] .


7. Milk

Milk can also be considered as one of the best sources of vitamin D and therefore it is highly recommended for all the individuals suffering from rickets to intake this complete food daily in your diet [7] .


8. Cheese

Another best natural source of vitamin D and many of the ones suffering from rickets might not have an objection in consuming cheese as it is highly delicious [8] .


9. Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is indeed one of the best ways to provide all the necessary calcium to the body and also reduce the extent of rickets as well [9] .

Egg Yolk