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9 Amazing Secrets That Can Slow Aging

9 Amazing Secrets That Can Slow Aging

No one can stop the biological clock from ticking at its own pace. Aging is depressing but inevitable. So rather that avoiding it or getting depressed, the best thing to do it to cope up with it. Genes, lifestyle, health issues and environment are all pivotal in shaping the speed of the aging process. As time flies, the collagen in the layers of the epidermis starts becoming lax in doing its work of building elasticity in the skin, the joints start hurting and the mind frets and forgets little things. But if we take necessary steps, we can definitely slow the process of aging that affects our bodies and shows up on our face.

Few Secrets That Can Slow The Process Of Aging Are:


Never negotiate on your beauty sleep. Sleeping well not only make the face look fresh and energized but can also have a positive effect on the hormones. Problems like diabetes, stroke, weight gain and even cancers have been linked to the lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can boost the hormone ghrelin which can increase the appetite. It also suppresses the leptin hormone that can make our stomach feel fuller for long. Hence, it will eventually lead to weight gain.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep


Be it playing with your kids or taking a brisk walk with your friend every day, an athletic activity must be undertaken. Aerobics, weight lifting, all make the muscles lean and reduce weight. Cardio and strength training are not only good for weight control but also strengthen the core. Also, exercising daily helps in keeping the joints lubricated, muscles flexible and also maintains a balance of hormones and keeps the heart healthy. It also boosts the mood and helps women overcome the problems of menopause and joint pains.


Avoid Sugar 

White sugar should be eliminated from the diet gradually as it promotes a process called glycation which is known to weaken the collagen, A weak collagen can lead to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines which will start appearing around the eyes, forehead, and neck. Also, white processed sugar contains chemicals that have very strong bonds that can accelerate the process of aging.

Avoid Salt And Sugar

Eat Fruits And Vegetables 

As we grow older our internal system starts becoming weak and needs a higher dose of nutrition for performing the processes of the body. Fruits and vegetables should be incorporated into the diet. Fruits not only maintain the youthfulness of the skin but certain fruits like strawberries, apples and grapes contain a compound called malic acid which is a natural stain remover of the teeth and keeps them white and sparkling. Vegetables supply the nutrition for healthy bones, skin, muscles, eyes and also contain antioxidants called polyphenols which help in slowing the process of aging as they protect us from the oxidative effects of toxins.

Eat Vitamin C Rich Fruits And Vegetables

Eat Fish And Fish Oil 

Fish is loaded with omega 3 fats EPA and DHA which are anti-inflammatory compounds that negate the oxidation of harmful chemicals. It is also loaded with vitamins and astaxanthin which are anti-aging oxidants and keeps the skin supple to avoid wrinkles. Some people take fish oil regularly as it is known to prevent the aging process at the cellular level. About 5 gms of fish oil should be taken every day for combating the ill effects of aging.

Fish oil

Watch Your Calories 

Eat right and try and reduce the intake of high-calorie food as much as possible. As we age, the intake of dairy products should be reduced as they contain calories and also cause skin problems like acne. Meat, sugar foods, and carbs should all be reduced to control the intake of calories. A controlled calorie diet will keep the weight maintained and under normal limits. Processed foods, trans fats, and carbonated drinks also increase the calorie count of the body leading to a variety of health issues.

Weight Gain

Eat Nuts 

Munch healthy snacks like nuts which are full of fiber and minerals. Peanuts, almonds,pine nuts are all healthy snacks that keep the system full for longer periods and also supply the body with anti-aging fats.

Eat Nuts


Skin needs extra care after we start crossing the 30 mark. Always follow the 3 step beauty regime of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Wear sunglasses while stepping out of the house and use a sunscreen to protect the face from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Exfoliate once in a while to get rid of dead skin and drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated. The use of essential oils for massaging the face is recommended to maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

Healthy Skin

Be Happy

Do what you want! Being happy boosts the hormones which have a direct effect on the aging process. Indulge in activities, join a dance or aerobic classes, go for walks with friends and do things that will help eliminate the stress from your life. Yoga and meditation can relax the mind and make it alert, helping the body to deal with the aging problems of forgetfulness and dull mind.