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9 Amazing Super Foods For Growth In Height

Whether in education or in glamour, everybody wants to compete with one another. One of the result of this competition is people wanting to grow taller. Be it any business or task, tall people are given first priority over others. Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with a good height. However, if it is not in your genes still you can manage to grow tall, the only requirement is of the knowledge that can help you in growing taller.

Why everybody cannot becomes tall? The secret lies in the dietary habits. A diet constituting of vitamins, mineral and above all proteins helps in enhancing growth. Increase your consumption of vitamins and protein and you can manage to grow taller. However, do you know what should you be eating for growing taller? Don’t worry, this article focuses on 9 super foods essential for growing taller. Go through the article and make changes in your diet.

9 Super Foods Required For Growing Taller

1. Fish

This seafood is the best option for anyone who wants to touch heights. Being rich in vitamins like vitamin C and essential proteins, fishes like salmon and tuna [1] promotes growth in height. Have it more often to get amazing height in your teenager. If still, you don’t believe it then have a look towards the western people. Ask them how often they take fish meal and then decide whether you want to add fish in your diet or not.


2. Egg

Egg is rich in vitamin D that helps the body absorb calcium better with in turns contributes towards growth in height. Moreover, egg itself is a very good source of calcium. Therefore, having egg will make sure that your body doesn’t lack anywhere in absorbing calcium. The best is that you consume half cooked eggs because eggs in uncooked form have more of vitamin D and protein. When cooked it becomes denatured.


3. Soy

Those who consume more of soy products have skin that is growing and body that is healthy as well as tall. Soy supplies body with vitamins and calcium that is essential for the growth of the body. Among soy products, you can add soy beans, soy sauce and soy milk in your diet.


4. Tofu

When focusing on growing height, you might be living in the fear of adding few kgs. Well, it definitely is a big reason to worry because the products that we consume often supply extra calories to the body. However, you can say goodbye to your worry because now you can enjoy tofu, enrich your body with calcium and keep away from calories at the same time. Moreover, it is low in fat that instead of adding calories helps in weight loss.


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5. Milk

Although, parents force their children of drink milk for the sake of strong bones and health but not all are aware of its other hidden benefits. The benefit that milk besides supplying calcium, which is a strong height booster helps in the faster growth of height. Whether small of big, have 2-3 glass of milk daily. These days there are various vitamin products available in the market. You can add them in your glass of milk for extra supply of nutrients.


6. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds it is time when you must stop cutting pumpkin only on Halloweens and consume for height growth. Consuming pumpkin seeds regularly helps in the repairing of body tissues and helps in the formation of new body tissues. Also, pumpkin seeds are rich in amino acids that is a powerful agent in growing height.

Pumpkin Seeds

7. Carrots

When you regularly consume calcium products, your body become taller. Go for carrots, if you want to make your body a storehouse of calcium. Not just calcium but carrots are also good source of vitamin C and A [2] . therefore, consume carrots and stay strong, healthy and tall. To consume carrots, you can have its juice regularly, or have in salad or bake your own carrot cake.


8. Bananas

Building the body strong from within, bananas also contribute in growing height. Although you can have it anytime but you must include 1-2 bananas with your glass of milk in your breakfast every morning. Besides growing your taller in less time, it will improve digestion and bowel movement.


9. Spinach

No matter, how much you love or hate spinach, but when it comes to good health or tall height, never let go of it. It definitely is a super food having abundance of vitamins and nutrients that look after overall health. Not just spinach, you can have similar green vegetables like broccoli in your diet. All these foods provide body what it requires the most and never let deficiency of any nutrients prevail in the body.