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9 Best DIY Ways To Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting is a very bad habit that can be commonly seen in people of all age group. Youngsters are mostly affected by this bad habit due to various numbers of reasons. The habit becomes a practice and the person biting his nails will be totally unaware of it. The various reasons for nail biting can be frustration, stress, loneliness, anxiety and boredom. There can be other types of reasons behind this. Excessive amount of nail biting can lead to damage the nails as well as cuticles. Practice some home remedies in order to cure the bad habit of nail biting and get rid of this problem.

Here Are Some Simple Ways To Stop Nail Biting At Home:

1. Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is well known for its bitter taste and nutritional value. Take one bitter gourd and make a good paste of it. Now either use the paste or extract all juice from it. Apply the juice on the nails and keep it for some time. This process is surely going to help in order to get rid of nail biting. The bitter taste will keep the nails away from the mouth.

Bitter Gourd

2. Cut The Nails

Nails are the main reason for the bad habit of nail biting. Make sure to cut the nails on regular basis. It is going to help to get rid of nail biting as there will be no nails to bite. Thus trim down the nails to small size in order to avoid biting it. Use a nail cutter or other device to trim the nails in a very perfect manner. Polish them with a filer.

Cut The Nails

3. Garlic

Garlic is easily found in kitchen as it is used in various types of dishes. The strong essence of garlic will help in getting rid of all kinds of nail biting problems. Garlic is antiseptic in nature, thus will avoid any kind of infection and strengthen the nails. Take some garlic cloves and rub it on the nails. Allow it to dry. The different taste of garlic will help in avoiding nail biting.


4. Polish

Nail biting polish can also be used for same reason. This polish can be prepared by various types of vegetables in order to make its taste bitter. Simply use this polish on the nails and keep it to dry. The bitter taste of nail biting polish will avoid the nail biting habit. It will not allow the person to bite the nails.


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5. Azadirachta Indica Oil

Azadirachta indica oil is very bitter in taste and contains antiseptic properties. This particular oil can be used to avoid the condition of nail biting. All kinds of nail infection can also be avoided with the same application. Take some neem oil and apply it on the nails with the help of a cotton ball. Keep it for some time to dry. The bitter taste of Azadirachta indica oil will help to avoid nail biting.

Azadirachta Indica Oil

6. Gloves

Wearing gloves can help to get rid of the problem of nail biting. Most people unconsciously bite their nails and thus application of gloves is going to help in getting rid of the habit of nail biting. Take gloves and wear it regularly. Wear for few months till the bad habit of nail biting does not disappear. It is a good and easy method of to avoid nail biting.


7. Artificial Nails

Using artificial nails, the normal habit of nail biting can be avoided. It is very easy to apply these nails or you can take help of a beauty parlor. The artificial nails will properly cover the original nails, thus protecting it from the habit of nail biting. Various kinds of artificial nails are available in the market. Interested people can purchase press on nails for easy application.

Artificial Nails

8. Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive bandages can also be used to apply on the nails in order to cover them and keep them away from nail biting habit. Take some adhesive bandages and wrap it on the nails. It can become one of the best motivator to get rid of the problem of nail biting. Apply fresh bandages when the older one gets torn out due to various reasons.

Adhesive Bandages

9. Rubber Band

People who are having a bad habit of nail biting can make use of rubber band trick to get rid of biting habit. Take one rubber band and apply it around the wrist. Whenever you start biting your nails, snap the wrist with the rubber band. It is going to hurt suddenly and train the brain not to carry out nail biting habit. It is a best pysycological training of the mind to avoid biting habit.

Rubber Band