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9 Best Methods For Liver Care

Liver Care

The liver of a human being is the most used and the most busiest organ that helps a human to stay alive and healthy. The liver helps in the process of digestion, stores iron, helps in regulating the blood clotting, stores glycogen and removes the toxins from the human body. All the functions are done everyday inside a human body and the liver must stay healthy to perform all these functions. Home remedies are the best way to make the human liver stay healthy and active in a human body. The following are some of the home remedies that can enhance and take care of the liver inside a human body.

Sure Methods For Liver Care

Using Amla Or Gooseberry

Amla has a good source of Vitamin C in them and it can help in maintaining the liver functions at an optimal level. The amla has the important components in them that can help in boosting up the liver function, resulting in a good digestion. One can eat the raw amla by cutting them into small pieces and adding them to a salad. You can also add amla to curd and eat them. Make sure to include Amla in your daily food in any ways to make your liver work healthy.


Using Licorice

The extract of Licorice can be used any kind of problem in a human liver. The Licorice is widely available in many stores all around the world. Get the roots of Licorice and powder them. Boil some water and few powdered Licorice on them. Steep it for a few minutes and then strain the liquid to serve the tea. Drink this tea twice a day to make your liver turn healthier like never before.


Using Guduchi Or Amrith

This herb can be used to clear the toxins that happen in the liver and it can help in strengthening up the functions of a liver. A long-term use of Amrith can remove the toxins completely from the liver.


Using Turmeric

Turmeric is the best herb that can be used to improve the liver health in an individual. The turmeric has an antiviral action in them that help in preventing the viruses from entering the liver. The turmeric can be added in your daily food and you can drink the turmeric-flavored milk twice a day to get the best benefits from them.


Using Flaxseeds

Flax seeds have the phyto-constituents in them and they can bind with the receptor sites to prevent the hormone binding that happens within the liver. Crush the flax-seed and add them to a salad or cereals. Eat the flax-seed mixed salad regularly to know the real benefit of them.


Using Chicory Flower And Dandelion Root

Take two teaspoons of chicory floor, four teaspoons of speedwell, four teaspoons of dandelion root and mix them all together in a cup of boiling water. Let the mixture steep for about thirty minutes and then strain them. Drink a cup of this tea everyday to make your liver turn into a healthy one.

Chicory Flower And Dandelion Root

Using Lemon Juice

Lemon has the capacity to remove the toxins that can happen in the liver part of a human body. Take the juice out of the lemon and add them with water to alkalize the blood and it can detoxify the toxins from the liver.

Lemon Juice

Using Flouride-Free Water

Water is the best source to make the liver of a human being to stay active and to keep working. Drink fluoride-free water that can measure a  half of your overall weight every day to maintain a healthy liver.

Flouride-Free Water

Using Avocados And Walnuts

Avocados and walnuts have the glutathione in them that can help in cleaning up the toxins from the liver. The walnuts can be added to the salads or in any food to consume them regularly.

Avocados And Walnuts