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9 Best Natural Food Sources And Health Benefits Of Folic Acid

9 Best Natural Food Sources And Health Benefits Of  Folic Acid

Folic Acid or vitamin B9 is a vital vitamin that is needed by our body. This vitamin is actually needed by the pregnant women. Folic acid is ideal for the growth of embryo and takes important role in growth of an embryo. Folic acid is also important as it helps in production of red blood cells in human body and deficiency of this particular vitamin may cause different types of anemia in human body.This vitamin does not synthesize in our body and we have to intake this vitamin from other sources. Folic Acid is highly available in low cost common natural food items. This vitamin is largely found in various animal and plant sources.

Here Are The Best Natural Food Sources Of Folic Acid That Can Be Consumed:


Mushroom is a common food item for all of us and it is a rich source of folic acid. It is easily available in market either in dry processed form or in a raw form. You may use one of them according to your choice. Include this food item in your diet to get the benefit of folic acid. Use it in preparing salads or soups which keeps its health content most. Processed mushrooms are fortified with folic acid and also vitamin D. But do not over cook mushroom; the vitamin benefit will destroy then.

Porcini Mushroom


Cauliflower is another great source of folic acid and thus highly beneficial for pregnant. It has white colored florets which are used in various recipes. Apart from the culinary uses this vegetable is a source of important nutrients. You may make curry or make soups from this vegetable.



Legumes are great source for folic acid and it is one of the most low cost food items which can be afforded by any people. Legumes like soy beans, kidney beans, lentils etc. are a rich content of folic acid and other important nutrients. So it is highly nutritious food item for the pregnant as they need much nutrition than any common people. Try to include this food item in a pregnant woman’s diet thus he got the most benefit of folic acid from the legumes.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are also a very good source of folic acid. Try to consume as much as of green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, parsley etc. daily if you are a pregnant woman to get the folic acid in your body naturally. As these vegetables are rich in dietary fibers so it is also good for your system too. And these vegetables are reaching in almost every body so you can afford it easily.

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables


Cereals are a great source of carbohydrate and folic acid too. Balance your diet with cereals along with vegetables and fish/meat. Wheat has a high content of folic acid in it. So try to eat breads made with wheat flower and in this case you may use folic acid fortified flower to prepare your bread. The other cereals like corn, rice, etc. are also a good content of folic acid too.

Fortified Cereals

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in folic acid and vitamin C, both of which are very much important for the pregnant. Intake citrus fruits like oranges, lemons etc. to get most of the benefits of folic acid. Consumption of a single citrus fruit per day will fulfill 50% of the demand of folic acid in your body. It helps in production of red blood cells in your body.

Citrus Fruits


Yeast is a rich source of folic acid and the yeast that are available in market are mostly fortified with a high content of folic acid. It is mainly used in bread preparation. You can also use it preparing your bread which gives your bread a little sour taste and makes it soft also.


Seeds And Nuts

Seeds and Nuts are also great plant source which contains a good amount of folic acid in it. Intake a handful of roasted seeds like sesame, sunflower, flax seeds etc. as an evening snack to get the benefits of folic acid daily. Nuts like almond, cashew, peanuts etc. are also good source of folic acid too. Soak them in water or you may roast or fry it to consume. It can be used in different dishes or you may eat them individually also.

Nuts And Seeds

Egg Yolk

Daily intake of egg yolks can provide you all the benefits of folic acid as it is a rich source of this vitamin. You can make it half boiled or can make a fry of it. Egg yolk is ideal for the pregnant as it contain vitamin A, vitamin D along with folic acid benefits in it. Regular consumption of this food item will be highly beneficial for you if you are now pregnant.

Egg Yolk