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9 Best Natural Remedies To Handle Glaucoma

Optic nerve is actually nothing but each of the second pair of cranial nerves that is actually responsible for transmission of the nerve impulses from the brain to the retina of the eye and also from the retina of the eye to the brain as well. This shows that the importance of the optic nerve in the functioning of the eyes and also it does play a major role in the proper vision as well. At certain cases, there may be a few disease conditions that actually leads to the damage of this optic nerve making the vision impossible and one such disease that can actually result in symptom is glaucoma and this disease actually occurs when a fluid accumulates in the front part of your eye and this fluid actually causes some pressure on the eyes which in turn damages the optic nerve on a large scale. Also there are indeed two types of glaucoma namely ‘Primary Open Angle Glaucoma’ and ‘Angle Closure Glaucoma’. The first one is indeed one of the most common type of glaucoma where the eye loses the tendency to drain liquid and this keeps on building pressure and however it isn’t painful in the become but as it gets serious, one gets to lose his vision gradually.The second type of glaucoma is also called as closed angle glaucoma and narrow angle glaucoma and this occurs when the iris actually damages or blocks the drainage angle. The one hit by this disease doesn’t have any of the symptoms in the initial stages but it develops gradually and is also chronic as well. This can even cause blindness if it isn’t handled in a right way. However it is always better to handle such symptoms with some natural remedies to handle the case of glaucoma in addition to the synthetic medication and this article vividly features some of the amazing natural remedies that can the case of glaucoma quite well and also reduce the extent of the disease amazingly. Hence it is highly recommended for all the individuals suffering from glaucoma to take a note of this article well and include the recommended natural remedies in your diet.

Best Natural Remedies To Handle Glaucoma:

1. Carrots

How could carrots be out of the picture when the topic is all about eye diseases and one mustn’t forget the fact that carrot can be considered as one of the best natural remedies that can handle the glaucoma conditions quite well and also reduce the extent of the disease [1] . Carrot juice actually provide some really great nourishment to the ye organs and this can indeed reduce the amount of fluid content present in the eyes. When the fluid content is drained out, the amount of pressure on the optic nerve is actually reduced causing the optic nerve to regain its health condition. Hence it is highly recommended for the persons suffering from glaucoma to include carrots in their regular diet and also it can be consumed in the form of carrot juice if isn’t included in the regular food items.


2. Fennel

Fennel seeds can also be considered as one of the best natural remedies that can handle the conditions of glaucoma quite well and this is all due to the fact that it contains many of the essential nutrients that are highly vital in draining out the fluid from the eyes and in turn promoting the working of the optical nerve in a regular manner [2] . In this regard, it is highly advisable for all the readers to include fennel seeds in their diet and if not fennel tea can also be a worthy way to deal with case.


3. Comocladia 

At times of suffering of glaucoma, there can be cases where one can experience a lot of pain and this is due to the eye fullness sensation and to deal with this pain,one needs a potent natural remedy and clomocladia can be regarded as the best home remedy to handle this purpose as it is popularly known for its healing effects and therefore it is highly recommended for all the individuals to include this herb in the medication of glaucoma as it can reduce the eye pain to the maximum extent [3] .


4. Reduce Caffeine

Sometimes, large amounts of caffeine consumption can be highly dangerous especially to the people who are actually suffering from glaucoma as it is probably well known to increase the pressure in the eyes [4] . Therefore it is highly advisable for all the ones suffering from this disease to limit their consumption of coffee, tea and some of the other similar beverages.

Reduce Caffeine

5. Take Moderate Amount Of Fluids

Taking high amounts of fluids can be the reason at times for the eye pressure to increase and it isn’t desired for the one suffering from glaucoma as the condition can get even worsen and therefore it is advisable for the people to consume fluids in some moderate amounts and that too consume only healthy fluids [5] .

Moderate Amount Of Fluids

6.  Vitamin E Rich Foods

A person suffering from glaucoma need vitamin E in some adequate quantities as this vitamin has a lot of tendency to remove the particles from the eye lens and in turn clear up all the fluid particles accumulated at the eyes [6] . Therefore it is highly recommended for all the persons suffering from glaucoma to include vitamin E rich foods in their diet such as almonds, spinach, sweet potato etc and this inclusion can kelp in handling the disease to some extent.

Vitamin E Rich Foods


7. Bilberry 

Bilberry has all the necessary flavonoids that can be highly helpful for some healthy eye functioning and also the extract can be helpful in some proper blood flow [7] .


8. Cypress Essential Oil

This is one of the most potent essential oils that aid a lot in the blood circulation and therefore it can be consumed daily for some effective eye functioning and also one it can be taken internally which also produce various other health benefits as well [8] .

Cypress Essential Oil

9. Consume Sugar Less

Consuming high amounts of sugar can be the reason for the premature aging of eyes and therefore always reduce the consumption of sweet substances to the maximum extent possible [9] .

Consume Sugar Less