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9 Completely Irresistible Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs

Sugar is the god of homemade beauty scrubs, it is gentle on skin, it can be used even on sensitive skin areas like face, highly moisturizing and works best as exfoliating agent for dead skin. Sugar when combined with other skin beauty ingredients can give amazing results for different skin types. Try these intense and stunning scrub recipes at your home and feel awesome. Here we are presenting exfoliating sugar scrubs fused with yummy ingredients that are completely Irresistible. Say Goodbye to dark sports, dull and dead dry skin with this amazing Sugar scrubs.

Completely Irresistible Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs:

1. Sugar And Lemon Citrus Scrub

This lemon and sugar scrub have bucket full of benefits for your whole body. Take a morning warm bath with lemon sugar scrub for deep relaxation and beautiful skin. Say goodbye to dark skin patches around your neck, elbows and knees. This scrub will give amazing results on acne and prone. Allow yourself to enjoy sugar lemon scrub from face to feet. I’m sure you will love it!

Sugar And Lemon Citrus Scrub

2. Green Tea And Sugar Scrub

Green tea consists of some amazing antioxidants and antibacterial properties which works like a magic on your delicate skin. You can add grape seed oil for beautiful fragrance and deep cleanse with strong cup of green tea and sugar. It is always a fun to experiment new things but for safety i would suggest you to test the scrub on small area of your body first, in case if you are allergenic to any of ingredient.

 Green Tea And Sugar Scrub

3. Blueberry Sugar Scrub

Yummy Frozen blueberries are not only made for eating, it is loaded with high range of antioxidants and vitamins which have the power to make your skin young, healthy and tight. It is easy to prepare you just have to gather some frozen blueberries, sugar and coconut oil, mash and mix all the ingredients. Try this anti-aging scrub while bathing for amazing experience. Use this exfoliating scrub on your body (Not on face).

Blueberry Sugar Scrub

4. Matcha Sugar Ice Cubes Scrub

Get rid of the stick picky handmade sugar scrubs with this amazing Matcha sugar ice cubes scrub. This sugar scrub is easy to prepare and fun to use. You will need a pure melted soap base, matcha powder almond oil, mold, groundnut coffee and sugar of course. Mix all the ingredients well and let it freeze properly for half an hour. Your exciting and cool matcha sugar ice cubes is all ready to fight with dull, and desert skin. Have fun!

Matcha Sugar Ice Cubes Scrub

5. Apple Cider Sugar Scrub

Apple cider vinegar is loaded with alpha hydroxyl and amino acid which works amazing on skin. This amazing apple cider exfoliating scrub will maintain your skin’s pH balance, keeping skin moisturized. It consist of good vitamins which makes your skin soft, repair the damages and reignite skin for all new fresh Feel. Try this amazing and highly beneficiary scrub with warm shower in the morning for a beautiful day. Give treat of reignites to your skin!

Apple Cider Sugar Scrub

6. Rose Petal Sugar Scrub

This Rose and sugar scrub is absolutely luxurious and romantic as a gift for your loved once. I would suggest using dried petals for long lasting fragrance and texture. With excellent fragrance, it will remove the dead skin from your body regulating the flow of blood. It will keep your skin highly moisturized especially in winter. Fall in love with this mesmerizing rose sugar scrub!

Rose Petal Sugar Scrub

7. Snowflake Sugar Scrub

Sugar is an awesome ingredient which can make your skin amazing and hydrated. If you are looking for a refreshing tinted and awesome scrub which can make your skin nourished, here are the best ingredients. Get some Shea butter, milk cream, sugar, and lavender and jojoba essential oils and prepare a stunning sugary scrub which will never fail to work wonders on your skin!

Snowflake Sugar Scrub

8. Pineapple Sugar Scrub

Pineapple is such an interesting and cool hydrating ingredient which can keep your skin nourished for a refreshing feel and to fight all the skin issues, here is a breathtaking scrub recipe. Mix some pineapple pulp, coconut oil, sugar and jojoba oil drops and make an amazing scrub.

 Pineapple Sugar Scrub

9. Vanilla Pumpkin Sugar Scrub

This is one of the most loves and nourishing fragrances which can keep your skin free from dryness and flawless! Mix some vanilla extracts, pumpkin pulp, sugar, vitamin e oil and Shea butter; you can also add essential oils to make the scrub more aromatic and flawless. Mix these ingredients and store in a jar! Use this amazing moisturizing scrub every time your skin needs some nourishment and make it look smooth as never before!

Vanilla Pumpkin Sugar Scrub