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9 Diet Tips To Keep The Skin Acne Proof

As it approaches summer, the first thing that comes in mind is the safety of skin which makes you empty your pocket for buying creams and lotions. However, not always come these creams and lotions with guarantee. Therefore, you need to be little more careful while seeking some remedy for your skin in summer. The intense heat of the summer causes the breakout of acne, pimples and also makes the skin live under its tan. Only if you could be more prepared with the right tools while stepping outside in the sunlight, you can manage to protect yourself from the bitterness of the sun. More importantly, it is not always artificial products available in the markets that can shield your skin, sometimes paying a little attention to your diet as well can become of great help. In this article, you will come across 9 diet tips that will enrich your skin with the elements vital to fight the bitter action of sunlight. Just keep your eyes intact.

9 Diet Tips To Keep The Skin Acne-Proof This Summer

1. Say ‘No’ To Fast Food

Intense heat and on top of that, Fast food, will never do any good to your skin especially in summer. Fast food contain less of protein and more of fat which is responsible for the eruption of acne breakouts and free radicals in the body. It pushes towards inflammation that eventually paves way for the appearance of acnes. Therefore, if you go to some restaurant, choose salad or some other healthy food rather than fast food.

Say ‘No’ To Fast Food

2. Sugar

Sugar that comes in high glycemic index food many a times causes acne in people. Such foods are like bread, potato, snacks and sugary drinks. Therefore, you must limit your intake of such fruits or else be ready to seek a solution to your acne breakout. As a replacement to sugar, you can also rely on sugar free.


3. Reduce Intake Of Dairy Products

Although dairy products have been referred to as the products good for overall health but when it comes to acne breakout, they actually support rather than suppressing. Dairy products plays a horrible role on oily skin by supporting acnes, and accelerating ageing. Therefore, instead of looking for the calcium in a glass of milk, look for it in a bowl of green leafy vegetable.

Reduce Intake Of Dairy Products

4. Water

There is a simple Mantra for people who are not so much into science and also not well-acquainted with vitamin A sources or Zinc sources, i.e. water. Although water is not so rich in nutrients, but there is no other product out there that can play its role. It flushes out the toxins from the body thus saving it from the action of free radicals that otherwise paves way for acne breakouts. Moreover, as it is summer, its requirement becomes more essential.

Drink Plenty Of Water

5. Have More Of Whole Grains

What is in whole grains that make it a good choice to stop acne formation? It is the presence of vitamins, nutrients and fiber in abundant that assist the body reduce sebum formation thus eventually limiting the growth of acnes. You can a variety of whole grains such as oats, bulgur, brown rice, millet, quinoa and spelt.

Have More Of Whole Grains

6. Zinc

Science has proved that people experiencing frequent acne breakouts have zinc lower than the normal amount in the body. Zinc creates an environment not cordial for the growth of acnes, thus putting a break on their appearance. Some of the amazing sources of zinc are turkey, Brazil wheat, almonds and wheat germ.


7. Food Containing Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are said to be great food to suppress inflammation. Be I any season, these are always ready to help reducing the formation of acne. Some of the excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids are composed of salmon, tuna, ground flaxseeds, walnut oil and mackerel.

eat Fish

8. Green Tea

Even if you did not know about its acne blocking activity of green tea, it is good to drink it for the sake of the health. However, you must know that green tea is extremely effective in providing a solution to the acne appearance. It contain antioxidants that blocks the breakouts of acnes and also free radicals in the body. Moreover, green tea can further be used after its usage. Simply applying the used tea bag on face enriches it with its useful compounds.

Green Tea

9. Vitamin A

The sebum production hindrance action of Vitamin A marks it extremely effective as a solution to acnes. Sebum in normal amount protects the skin and grants it the sheen but when it becomes overactive, the skin becomes acne prone and too oily. Although you must be having vitamin A products in all the seasons, but the only difference why you must be having it more in summer is that the skin is because of the harsh weather in summer. Some of the good sources of vitamin A are pumpkin, liver, spinach and apricots.