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9 Everyday Healthy Eating Tips


9 Everyday Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating does not mean you have to spend a great deal on your food or grocery! You can eat healthy, enjoy all nutrients and flavor without sacrificing quality when you choose to shop on budget. You need to simply plan in advance when you choose to shop on a budget so that you shop for the right things only.

Best Tips To Eat Healthy Everyday

Low Fat Milk

For those who find milk expensive and who choose to fill their grocery carts with sugar juices and energy drinks should buy low fat milk. Sugary drinks are about very little nutrients while natural low fat milk offers much needed proteins, vitamins and calcium for the body.


Freeze Fresh Produce

To have healthy food throughout the year and save money from not purchasing out of season vegetables, it is always a good idea to buy fresh produce and stock it up. Fresh fruits and vegetables available in their season are usually cheaper than the later months when they are not available. If you freeze fresh produce like corn, you can enjoy it in the next few months.

Sweet Corn

Canola Oil

Much cheaper than olive oil, canola oil is popular for its many heart healthy benefits. To save money, bring home canola oil with less saturated fat. It can be used for vinaigrettes, stir fries and even marinades. This is a wonderful substitute for butter.

Canola Oil

Cheap Meat Cuts

You do not have to sacrifice meat if you are on a tight budget. You can simply buy cheaper, good quality meat cuts. You can buy chicken thighs and leave out chicken breasts. You can change the cooking methods if you wish for tougher cuts, but you are still going to save.

Red Meat

Buy Whole Grains, Beans

Purchase whole grains and beans like brown rice, freekeh and quinoa which are quite inexpensive. These are tasty and can keep you fill for a long time. You just need to buy one pack of wheat berries, or whole wheat couscous and cook it. You can also freeze in single portions so that you can use it in your salads or soups as and when you need it. Whole grains will keep you filled for long.


Try Other Cuisines

Its a great idea to try other cuisines like Indian and Mexican which are about inexpensive ingredients like rice and beans. Rice is the main ingredient of Indian and Mexican food and both are available cheap. You can be prepared using a number of ingredients which can be easily exchanged.

Brown Rice

Re-purpose Leftovers

No wastage means better savings! If you are not fond of having the same food everyday, you can re-purpose it to prepare a delicious meal. You can prepare white bean soup and garlicky spinach with leftover rotisserie chicken and it is going to taste really good.

Chicken Soup

Buy Mixed Greens

It’s good to buy mixed greens than purchasing whole. You will be paying a bit for them, but you will be eating them a lot since they are ready to eat with seasoning and oil. Mixed greens are cost effective in the long run while taking care of your health.

Leafy Greens


To add vitamins and nutrients in your diet, you need to buy pineapples, strawberries, grapes and mangoes which are available cheap and are full of nutrition. Apples last long and offer lots of nutrition. Bananas will not last long but they are available cheap and are full of essential nutrients.

Fruits And Vegetables