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Top 9 Foods That Are Bad For The Skin

Foods That Are Bad For The Skin

The skin reflects the internal health of the body and hence, a good skin is an indicator of a healthy body. Often we do not watch over the food we eat and end up dealing with various skin issues like puffy skin, acne, and other skin inflammations. We are what we eat is an age old saying and is indeed true enough as the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables have always been known to be excellent for the skin whereas processed, fried and chemically laced food is harmful as they contain traces of chemicals that could be toxic.

The Food That Can Cause Harm To The Skin Are-

Processed And Canned Foods-

In the process of canning or preserving a food, all the nutrients and the healthy enzymes of the food is lost. Also, processed food has high amounts of sodium that can harm the skin and the low water and fiber content is bad for health. The skin can become dehydrated and the glycemic index of the body tends to rise. All these factors cause skin inflammation and the loss of hydration can lead to fine lines.

Processed And Canned Foods


Non-Organic Foods-

Non-organic food implies food that has hormones, pesticides, chemicals, wax, and fungicides. They are also low in nutrients as compared to organic plants that have retained all their minerals and give way to a nice and glowing skin. The effect of chemicals and hormones that go inside the body shows on the skin in the form of inflammation and flare ups.

Non-Organic Foods

Excess Sugar-

We all know the undersides of having excess sugar. No only does it affect health and weakens the immunity but also leads to acne.Sugar in the body is acidic and causes the increase of bad bacterial growth in the gut and also leads to acidity. Constipation is another problem caused by too much of sugar intake. These conditions trigger acne and other skin infections.

Excess Sugar

Excess Salt-

Consuming too much of salt leads to water retention in the body. This causes puffiness and swelling in the body. Pickles, chips, processed foods are all high in salt that can lead to health and skin problems.
Caffeine- It is often advised to limit the amount of tea, coffee, or aerated drinks we have. Caffeine produces cortisol that is a compound that can stimulate aging by thinning the upper layer of the skin. It also causes dehydration which could lead to fine lines and wrinkles if consumed in excess.

Excess Salt


A lot of people are allergic to gluten and its sensitivity can cause inflammation in the body. People who consume less of gluten-rich foods like bread, pasta, pastries, wheat, rye and cakes etc. are known to have a better skin and complexion. So it is advised to limit the amount of wheat and gluten and consume more of fresh fruits and vegetables.



This is excessively dehydrating and can be very harmful to the skin. Having alcohol can lead to dehydration and causes vasodilation which leads to the loss of moisture through the skin leaving the skin dry and parched.


Artificial Sweeteners, Coloring And Flavoring-

Anything unnatural or artificial will pose health issues. They cause irritation and inflammation in the system like histamine allergic reactions and skin rashes and more. People who develop allergies to these artificial products are seen with acne and pimples on the face.

Artificial Sweeteners, Coloring And Flavoring

Fried Foods-

Oils that are heated at high temperatures tend to oxidize. Just as antioxidants are good for the skin and health, oxidized items are very harmful. Oils that are reused tend to thicken and settle in the body and create toxins. This leads to poor metabolism and low oxygen levels that are reflected onto the skin. The collagen production is slowed and elasticity becomes poor leading to aging factors, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Fried Foods

Red Meat And Dairy-

Red meat contains free radicals that can cause harm to the skin and the saturated fats are also very harmful to health. Even dairy products contain hormones and chemicals as animals are fed with foods that contain these. It leads to the development of mucus in the body which can cause inflammation of the skin like skin allergies, acne pimples and more.

Red Meat And Dairy